Wellow Amateur Dramatic Society

Our group was formed in 1981 as a spin-off from two functions put on by the Village School P.T.A.

We originally called ourselves the Wellow Awful Dramatic society, but, over the years our regular supporters persuaded us to drop the Awful and hence we are now known as the Wellow Amateur Dramatic Society or WADS.

The majority of us live in the village or have connections with Wellow. Ages range from 8 to 80 and our membership is currently 36 people. This poses a few challenges when deciding what to do next, because everybody always wants to take part, doesn't want too many lines to learn and rarely learn lines properly anyway! That's the fun of amateur dramatics!

Our aim is to enjoy ourselves in the planning and rehearsing stage of our productions and to bring live theatre, fun and laughter to our local friends and neighbours. At which we feel we definately succeed at......

If you would like to join our group you will be very welcome, be it behind stage or treading the boards. Just contact our Chairman Mary Messer on 01225 832732 or Joy Fortune on 01225 319584 or turn up on a Tuesday night between 8.00pm to 10.00pm to have a laugh/look!


The Final Curtain - WADS celebration party on Saturday 30th May 2009 @ 2pm in Wellow Village Hall - All WADS members welcome.

After some thirty years of amateur dramatics in Wellow WADS is hanging up its hat. Time will tell whether another generation will take up the batten and be inspired to provide local entertainment for a local audience.

We wish all WADS members a happy and enjoyable future

And finally a poem to sum WADS up courtesy of Pat Cooke : -

Farewell to W.A.D.S.

We need new members they said, so just come along,
No need for acting or singing a song,
Just help with the prompt or even the lights,
But before you can say "Panto" you're putting on tights.

Under those spotlights so big and so bright,
Forgetting our lines on the opening night,
We wouldn't have missed it, we just loved it all,
But sadly now finished, our last curtain call.

We never made Broadway but who gives a toss,
We had a good time and it's only their loss,
So pack up the costumes, the makeup and lights,
Just remember the laughter and fun on those nights.


During our history we have performed a wide variety of performances from Pantomime, Thriller, Comedy, Farce, Serious to Variety and Music Hall the list below will hopefully demonstrate the breadth of our "Talents"

The Shows performed to date:

1978 - PTA Victorian Evening.
1979 - "Oh what a beauty" a Flower Show sketch.
Dec 1981 - Cinderella
Jan 1983 - Snow White
Oct 1983 - Victorian Evening
Jan 1984 - Aladdin
Feb 1985 - Alice in Wellowland
Oct 1985 - Packet of Twenties
Dec 1986 - A Christmas Box, Jack in the Beanstalk and At the changing of the Year
Sept 1987 - "A Double Bill" Dark Brown and Ernies Incredible Illucinations
Feb 1988 - Puss in Boots
Oct 1988 - "A Triple Bill" At the Golden Ram, The Patient and It won't be a stylish marriage
Mar 1989 - Ali's Barbara and The Sleeping Cutey
Oct 1989 - A French Evening
Feb 1990 - Little Red Riding Hood
Oct 1990 - What did you sing in the war Daddy?
Feb 1991 - Humpty Dumpty
Nov 1991 - Robin Hood
May 1992 - 90/90 Vision
May 1993 - Green for Danger, Sold to the Gypsies and Murder at Muckleby Manor
Jun 1993 - Wellow weekend - Floor Show
Feb 1994 - Ali Baba and the forty thieves
Sept 1994 - Supper Show - "Must the Show go on?"
Feb 1995 - The Pied Piper of Hamlin
Dec 1995 - "Christmas Extravaganza" The Plot Thickens, Childrens Play and the true story of Good King Wenceslas
May 1996 - Supper Show - Flower Show Sketch and Hanging by a Fred
Feb 1997 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Oct 1997 - Around the World in Eighty Minutes
Apr 1998 - "Three Piece Suite" - Cards, Cups and Crystal Ball, Mantrap and When one door closes
Feb 1999 - Frankenstien the Panto
Oct 1999 - An Autumn Collection - Halfway up the wall, Hard times at Batway Hall and Come now to be joined
May 2000 - Millennium Miscellany - A Review
Feb 2001 - Afternoon at the Seaside and Forty Winks Beauty
Sept 2001- "Grounds for Murder" a Murder Mystery Supper evening
Feb 2002 - Cinderella
Oct 2002 - "Autumn Antics"
May 2003 - "Pick of the Bunch" Supper Show
March 2004 - Murder Mystery Supper Evening - "Murder at the New Vicarage"
April 2005 - "Bunfight at the O.K. Corral" - Supper Show
March 2006 - The Patient by Agatha Christie, Gosforth's Fete by Alan Ayckbourn
Dec 2006 - "The Tangled Web" a murder mystery by Janet Kilgallon-Brook and Fiona J Roberton
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