Dental Surgeons

The local Dental Practices that serve Wellow are:

Peasedown St. John Dental Practice.
30 Bath Road,
Peasedown St. John,
Tel: 01761 439191
Opening times: Mon to Thurs 9 to 1pm, 2 to 5pm, Fri 9 to 1pm, 2 to 4.30pm

Dental Surgeons

Dr. I. Biggerstaff, BDS,DGDP
Dr. R.W.Gilbert, BDS
Dr. J.H.Spencer, BDS

Combe Down Dental Practice,
8, Combe Road,
Combe Down,
Tel: 01225 834447

Dental Surgeons

Dr.I.Biggerstaff, BDS,DGDP
Dr. J.H.Spencer, BDS

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