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The bell chamber contains the Bells of Wellow and are a fine toned, heavy peal of six comprising the following:

The Bell Chamber

The Bell Chamber - Tenor, No.2 & No.5

Bell Date Tuned Inscriptions Weight
1809 C "James Rossiter and Robert Smith: Churchwardens: James Wells Albourne fecit 1809." 8 cwt
No 2 1752 Bb "Mr. Geiles Long and Mr. Geiles Balm: Churchwardens: Thomas Bilbie fecit 1753." 9 cwt
No 3 1835 Ab "George Gifford and John Parker: Churchwardens: Thomas Mears of London, Founder 1835." 11 cwt
No 4 1725 G "John Gibbs of Home House and Nich: Slad: Churchwardens: A.R, 1725." 13 cwt
No 5 1809 F "James Rossiter and Robert Smith: Churchwardens: James Wells, Albourne Wilts fecit 1800 1809." 18 cwt
No 6 1838 Eb "G. Gifford and E. Gibbs: Churchwardens: Thomas Mears Founder London recast ad 1838." 21 cwt

The bells were out of commission for over thirty years owing to Death-Watch Beetle ravages in the oak frame as noted in "From Old England" by L.W.Fussell, Michaelmas 1946. However, between 1946 and 1949 the old frame was removed and a new frame with iron cross members installed with bells being rung again in 1949 by a newly formed band of ringers under the Tower Master Mr. David Rowe.

As part of extensive repairs to the general fabric and roof of St. Julian's, in 1952, the Tower roof was removed and a new louvered, reinforced concrete sounding chamber was added. This improved immensely the quality of sound emanating from the bells and still provides for the joyous sound that wafts over Wellow to this day.

During the year 2000 the bells and bell chamber have been extensively renovated by Gordon Hewlett (past Tower Master) and Geoff Pike who are both current members of the ringing band. Also repaired and renovated during 2000, by these same members, is the Chiming Frame. This is now in full working order and was rung for the first time in early December 2000 together with a rendition of "Happy Birthday" on Christmas morning prior to general ringing for the morning service.

The Chiming Mechanism The Clock
The Chiming Mechanism
in the Ringing Chamber
The Clock Mechanism
in the Ringing Chamber

Following the formation of the band of ringers in mid 1999 it was felt we should convene an Annual General Meeting to review our progress so far.

The Minutes of Meetings may be viewed below:

28th March 2004
10th January 2003
18th January 2002
17th January 2001
14th January 2000

Bell ringers party 2000.1 Bell ringers party 2000.2
Bell ringers party 2000 - In the begining Bell ringers party 2000 - Hand bells
Bell ringers party 2000.3 Bell ringers party 2000.4
Bell ringers party 2000 - Later Bell ringers party 2000 - much later!!

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