Magic Box Pre-School


Magic Box Pre-School is based at Wellow Village Hall. The hall is situated by a playing field with a small recreation park surrounded by fields. The fields are often full of cows much to the children’s delight. The playing field and park provide excellent space and equipment for physical activity which the children participate in twice daily, weather permitting.

The purpose of Magic Box is to provide a safe, caring and friendly environment in which children can play and learn in various ways, for example sand and water play, and imaginative play such as dressing up. Physical play outside is also seen as very important in development. Magic Box is keen to use all suitable stimuli for children to grow in confidence and to lay down the ‘stepping stones’ of the early years curriculum. This foundation stage addresses personal and social development, knowledge and understanding of the world, creative development, mathematics, language and literacy, and physical development.

Magic Box offers a friendly atmosphere and is open to all children, not just those from ‘the traditional family’, and will do its best to enable any child with different culture or circumstances to be fully integrated into the playgroup. It provides a suitable environment where a child with disabilities might be comprehensively included, following the guidelines of the Disabled Persons Act 1958, 1986. Magic Box would endeavour to make its surroundings safe and stimulating for a child with disabilities and to provide sufficient care and engaging activities. A close partnership with the parent/carer would be encouraged to help the child to flourish in the setting.

Magic Box Pre-School is funded by government grants for 3 and 4 year olds, by fees, and by fundraising events. It is a non-profit making registered charity run by a committee of parent/carers, and this parental involvement enables us to keep fees low without compromising the quality of care provided.

Magic Box Pre-School is registered with Bath & NE Somerset Social Services and we are regularly inspected by OFSTED. The most recent OFSTED reports are always available for you to read, along with our policies and procedures.

Before your child starts at Pre-School

Children must be fully toilet-trained before starting at Magic Box (unless your child has a special need). If your child is not dry, please tell us and we can postpone their start date for up to 4 weeks.

Session times

Magic Box is open for term times in line with local schools. We meet at Wellow Village Hall on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Children can stay for a full day from 9.15am to 2.45pm (packed lunch required) or can attend a morning session from 9.15am to 11.45am (12.15pm if they stay for lunch). An afternoon session is from 12.15pm to 2.45pm, or 11.45am to 2.45pm if arriving for lunch.

We recommend strongly that children attend for at least 2 sessions per week.

Starting at Magic Box

Before your child starts at Pre-School, you will be invited to bring him/her in for short visits with you or a carer, followed by a visit on their own. If the Pre-School Leader feels a child is settled they can be left for their session.

Once your child has started at Magic Box he/she will benefit from regular attendance. Please ensure that your child arrives punctually and is collected on time. The staff are always there to welcome and settle your child, and the Pre-School Leader and Deputy are available at the start and end of each session to discuss any concerns with you, or if required a more convenient time for you can be arranged.

If there are any upsetting events for the child it may be helpful for us to know so that we can be sensitive when interacting with your child. Any such information would be kept strictly confidential.

The plans for each topic we are covering at Pre-School are displayed on the notice board. We make regular assessments of all the children and encourage feedback from parents.

We would expect your child to attend Magic Box until they begin school. If your plans are different to this please let us know.

Collecting your child

If you are not collecting your child the Pre-School Leader MUST be informed and details of the person collecting the child entered in the Magic Box diary. We will not let your child leave without permission.


We like the children to join in with whatever we are doing, so please remember to dress them in comfortable clothes that you will not mind them getting a little dirty. We like children to wear Magic Box sweatshirts and T-shirts (available from the PreSchool Leader). We encourage children to go to the toilet on their own, so the easier you make it for them the better.

We make good use of the outdoor facilities so please ensure that children have suitable outdoor clothing with them.


Current Fees for 2003/2004 are £5-75 per session and an additional £1 if staying for lunchtime (£12-50 for a full day). Fees are payable each half term and are issued in the first week with ten days for payment. Fees are still payable if a child is absent for either holiday or sickness. In cases of prolonged absence or financial difficulties, parents should contact the committee about fee payment. Each child’s attendance at Magic Box is conditional upon continued payment of any necessary fees or eligibility for funding or nursery vouchers.

Once a child has started at Magic Box, one half terms notice must be given in regard to any changes in session place or withdrawal from pre-school.


If your child is unwell it is advisable to keep them away from Pre-School until they have recovered. Please inform Magic Box if your child has an infectious disease e.g. mumps, diarrhoea etc.

If your child is unable to attend their session for any reason please contact the Pre-School Leader in the morning.


Further information

For a prospectus and registration forms please contact the registration secretary.

Any member of the committee can be contacted for further information. The committee for 2003-2004 is as follows:

Chair Susan McDonald 01761 437361

Vice Chair Louise David 01761 436604

Secretary Rachel Brown 01761 439738

Treasurer Julie Merritt 01761 437386

Registration Secretary Stacey Hillier 01761 435849

Alternatively contact the Pre-School Leader, Caroline Jefferies, on 0771 236 9130.


A copy of the current Ofsted report may be viewed on the Ofsted website.