People of Wellow

Stewart Cole

Stewart has lived in Wellow most of his adult life and for the past 20 or more years has performed one of the most important functions around our community. He has been employed by Wellow Parish Council to keep our roads, lanes and pavements clean and a credit to him and the village. Stewart can been seen on various days of the week with his hand barrow, road signs and tools sweeping and collecting litter, leaves and general detritus from our steets. Without him our village would be poorer and not only does he perform this vital function but he is also the eyes and ears around the village drawing to the Parish Council's attention matters of concern in maintaining the upkeep of the Wellow. So if you see Stewart, stop and have a chat and brighten your day and his.

Photo's of Stewart out and about in Wellow - July 2010

Stewart Cole Stewart Cole Stewart Cole