Dramatic Rescue of a Tawny Owl


A tawny owl was trapped in a chimney here in Wellow until it was released yesterday (28th November 2013) by the Secret World Wildlife Rescue charity and a team from Bath Fire Brigade. Its plaintive cry was heard coming down the chimney by Sheilagh and Ron Humphreys as they sat in their kitchen. At first they thought it was sitting on top of the chimney pot but it became increasingly clear that it had become trapped in the flue and unable to get out.

Since the owl's calls were becoming progressively more distressed, Ron made a call to the Secret World 24/7 hotline who immediately despatched Roger Lucken on a rescue mission. He was determined to catch the owl in order to clean any soot from its eyes upon which it is so dependent for finding prey. When it became clear that further help was needed, a Fire Brigade crew swiftly arrived in the village. So while Roger was in the kitchen gently pushing rods up the chimney to support a small platform upon which the owl could sit, the Fire Brigade crew were ready and waiting on the rooftop to grab the owl as it emerged. Judging by the bird's tallons, they were right to wear gloves!

The photos tell their own story. Ollie the Owl has been rescued, his eyes have been cleaned and he is now under close supervision at the bird sanctuary near Burnham-on-Sea. After a few days of rest, this lucky tawny owl will be released back into his home territory here in Wellow. 

 The good news is that the Tawny Owl was released from Wellow Hurst following rest and recuperation with the Secret World Wildlife Rescue on Wednesday 4th December 2013.