Wellow Parish Council 

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Wellow Parish Council meet 11 times a year generally on a first Monday of the month, except August.

In addition an Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, when a new Chairman is elected is held in May.

The Annual Residents Meeting is held between 1 March and end of May. Residents meet to discuss local matters

The next Wellow Parish Council Meeting

will be held on Monday 5th September 2022 @ 7:30pm

in Wellow Village Hall


For the latest published Minutes of Wellow Parish Council meeting JULY 2022

Minutes of Wellow Annual Meeting of Electors 2022

The 2022 Annual Wellow Parish Council Meeting Chairman's Report HERE

An uncontested election of Council members for a period of 4 years took place on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

Wellow Parish Council currently has 8 members of 9 possible who will serve for a peiod of four years from 2nd May 2019 .

The Parish Council generally meets on the FIRST MONDAYof each month at 7:30pm in Wellow Village Hall. All meetings are open to members of the Public. The Agenda for the next meeting is published three clear days before that meeting and displayed on the village notice board in The Square, Wellow. Anyone wishing to include an item on the agenda should make representation to the Parish Clerk (as of 26.09.2019), Olga Shepherd, 07988 192619  or e-mail CLERK at least one week before the next meeting.

Councillor Address/Telephone and Responsibilities/Sub-committee (Confirmed 20.05.2019) 

Mrs. Pat Caudle, 3, Henley View, Wellow, BA2 8PZ, Chairman, Planning, Village Hall   Register of Members' Interests

Tel: 01225 837788  E: Pat@wellowpc.org.uk

Mr. David Workman, Bath Hill House, Wellow, BA2 8QZ, Vice Chairman, Traffic, Defibrilator, Burial Board    Register of Members' Interests

Tel: 01225 833331 E: Dave@wellowpc.org.uk

Mrs. Debbie Clarkson 2, Weavers Orchard, Wellow, BA2 8PB, Planning, Wellow Recreation & Play Park    Register of Members' Interests

Tel: 01225 233688  E:  Deb@wellowpc.org.uk

Mrs. Susan Chivers  Wellow House, Wellow, BA2 8QE, Planning (Trees), Village Hall, St. Julian's Primary School, Volunteering    Register of Members' Interests  

Tel: 01225 832778  E: Sue@wellowpc.org.uk

Mr. Nick Chapman, Church House, Wellow, BA2 8QS, Finance, St. Julian's Primary School, Rights of Way     Register of Members' Interests

Tel: Not available E: Nick@wellowpc.org.uk

Mr. Nigel Thomas, Court Cottage, Wellow, BA2 8QS    Register of Members' Interests

Tel: 07770 632289 E: Nigel@wellowpc.org.uk

Mr. David Phillips, Willow Farm, Wellow, BA2 8PU

Tel: 07712 582936   E: David.Phillips@wellowpc.org.uk

All Councillors - Responsible for Village Maintenance

Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer as of 26.09.2019: Olga Shepherd, Tel:  07988 192619 or e-mail: CLERK

The Burial Board of Wellow and Shoscombe Cemetery - Clerk to the Burial Board - Olga Shepherd E: clerk@wellowpc.org.uk or T: 07988 192619  or H:  Home Farm, White Ox Mead, Wellow, BA2 8PN