Wellow Parish Council Publication Scheme

1. The purpose of the scheme is to be a means by which Wellow Parish Council can make a significant amount of information available routinely, without waiting for someone to specifically request it. Wellow Parish Council intends to publish more information proactively and to develop a greater culture of openness and transparency.

2. In accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 the scheme specifies the classes of information which Wellow Parish Council publishes or intends to publish. It comprises of a number of core classes of information which are mandatory. However, it also includes a number of optional documents (within those core classes) as well as a group of totally ‘new’ optional classes. Any optional documents within a core class of information are clearly specified and reflect the information provided to the general public on a local basis. It is not however, a prerequisite that Wellow Parish Council adopts any of the optional documents or classes. The intention behind the inclusion of optional classes and documents is to add a degree of choice and flexibility in the scheme.

In some cases a class of information sets out a range of information which is excluded from publication Where that is the case the reasons behind the decision to exclude are clearly stated. Excluded throughout the scheme is general correspondence sent or received by the council and all information relating to private individuals by virtue of it being personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998.

In certain classes a limitation on the age of some documents has also been stipulated. For the avoidance of doubt this does not mean information beyond that date cannot be obtained, it simply indicates that it is not available as a matter of course within the publication scheme. If original documents are more readily available from another source, details of that organisation are again specified in the scheme.

3. The information contained in each class will be available in a variety of formats namely in hard copy on request from the clerk of the council, by inspection at the clerk’s office or other suitable premises by prior appointment or the Wellow Parish website.

4. Reasonable charges may be raised for the provision of copies of the documents/information listed in each of the classes.


Mandatory information is available in hard copy from the Clerk

(Mr. Robin Campbell Tel: 01373 834900 or clerk@wellowparish.info)

Optional information not available (n/a) unless otherwise indicated

1) Council internal practice and procedure

Optional documents: -

2) Code of Conduct

3) Periodic electoral review

This is information concerning changes to the electoral arrangements for parish, town and community councils. It includes recommendations for the creation of new wards, the amendment of existing wards, proposals for the names of new wards and alterations to the number of councillors to be elected to the council.

4) Employment practice and procedure

Optional documents: - (n/a)

5) Planning documents

Optional documents: -

Exclusions – Copies of planning consultations, the Development Plan, Structure Plan, Local Plan and Rights of Way/Footpath maps all of which are available from the local planning and/or highway authority respectively

6) Audit and accounts

Optional documents: - (n/a)

Exclusions – all commercially sensitive information e.g. quotations and tenders, loan documentation and insurance policies. With regard to quotations and tenders, this information is treated as confidential to ensure that the whole tender process is fair i.e. if tender information is released to a third party prior to the end of the tender period those who initially submitted tenders could be undercut and/or unfairly disadvantaged.


Optional classes not available (n/a)


Policy Statements issued by council

Responses made by council to consultation papers

Analysis of responses received to public consultations by the council

Village Appraisal

Complaints handling procedure


Made for any of the following purposes: -

The regulation of a mortuary and post mortem room

The regulation of a pleasure ground or public space

The regulation of an open space or burial ground

The regulation of any baths, swimming pool, bathing place or wash-house

The regulation of the hiring of pleasure boats in a park or pleasure ground provided by a council

To control dogs and dog fouling


Town, parish, community guide

History of town, parish or community (or similar commissioned publication)

10) ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT & TOURIST INFORMATION – This relates only to information produced by the council.



Standard tenancy Agreements

Exclusions – individual tenancy agreements and rent payment records under both privacy and data protection laws



General policies

Exclusions – all documentation relating to individual applications and registrations under both privacy and data protection laws


This is information which encompasses the duty owed by a council to the local people, to provide good quality services at an acceptable cost, to continually improve the delivery of public services and to marshal such services across its entire area.

Best Value Performance Plan

Best Value Inspection reports