Minutes for the meeting of Wellow Parish Council

held on February 18th 2002 at 8 o’clock in the village hall

Present were Mr R Whittington, Mr A Elvin, Mr A Martin, Mr M Watson, Mr C Hurdle, Mr R Humphries and Mr D Phillips.

In attendance the clerk and 8 Parishioners.

1. APOLOGIES RECEIVED. Ms E Smith and Cllr Dawson.

2. The minutes of the last meeting held on 21st January 2002 have been circulated, and the chairman signed them with the meeting’s approval.

3. . A ballot had been agreed to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Dr R Bazeley. The chairman briefed the candidates on qualifications required, disqualifications and the Model Code of Conduct. The clerk explained voting procedures, using information from ALCA.

The ballot took place with the successful candidate declared as Mr A Bartholomew, The Hollies, Mill Hill, Wellow, who then joined the meeting.


Further discussion took place regarding work to trees on access road to village hall and in playground. By a vote of 7 to 1 with one abstention it was agreed to accept the estimate of 225.00 plus vat from Samler Landscapes.Clerk to confirm.

Village Hall Notice Board. Estimate had been submitted by Mr Holland for repair of 275.00. It was agreed to accept this if in accord with current regulations, and no further estimates were needed. To be checked.

Re Signal Box and letter to John Everitt,Chief Executive of B&NES.

The letter had been passed to Eamonn Flanagan, Development Control Manager who had replied to the chairman. In his letter dated 29th January 2002 he said "We should be in a position to give you more news within the month" It was decided to give him time to do so, but if no further correspondence was received to contact him before the next Parish Council meeting.

Model Code of Conduct, put forward to next meeting.

Verge clearing on Mill Hill. No reply had been received to letter from clerk to Steve Gees. Proposed to speak with him at Parish Contact meeting on March 25th.

B&NES Local Plan had been circulated. Mr Watson reported that extra land at Peasedown St John was now included in the Development Plan, also that the building line on the Wellow map did not reflect present planning. He will write to relevant authority.

Mr Martin agreed to write to B&NES to reinforce the decision by Wellow Parish Council that the Parish Sweeper scheme should be retained.

5. CLLR DAWSON REPORT. In her report Cllr Dawson proposed a letter be sent re retention of Parish Sweeper scheme, the uncertainty of travel tokens for the elderly, and proposed the council asked for a school bus from Peasedown to Wellow.

Clerk to request more detail on this.


Notification that appeal by Mr Rothschild re Signal Box has been withdrawn.

Application 01/02566/FUL by Mr Shellard, Little Horse Croft Farm. Permitted.

Works to trees at Knightsfield. No objection.


Current Account Statement dated 6th February to show credit of 1446.40

Cheque 802 for 25.55 not presented. Reconciled balance 1420.85 to include receipt from B&NES of 255.50 re December street cleaning.

Deposit Account Statement dated 1st February shows credit of 4672.25 to include interest of 7.00 for period 28th September to 27th December 2001

Payments agreed. Mr S Cole 173.74 to include 2 hours leaf clearing

Mrs J Morphew Salary 116.00,telephone 5.00.plus expenses 7.05 Total 128.05

Audit fee 2000/01 158.63 inc vat

Letter from B&NES received re confirmation of precept payments.

Accounts for village shop received from Mr J Woods to be circulated.

Detail of training from ALCA re workshops and SLCC Induction Course received.

Councillors decided to pay for clerks training, and she requested the SLCC course at 70.00.


Clerk to complete B&NES Parish Council Questionaire

Clerk to write in reply to RUH Public Transport Overview

Clerk to write to Wellow Horticultural Society to confirm agreed fee of 50.00 for hire of Playing Field on 31st August for Flower Show.

Also that no charge would be made for use of Playing Field on June 14th for the Society Jubilee Celebrations.

Circulation Envelope 1 of 1 as per agenda, with the following to be added.

CPRE Planning Green Paper TAWN News

Crime stats for January New Laws, Race Equality


Mr Elvin reported that a Parishioner had complained about parking over the pavement in High Street. The clerk to remind the parish that this is an offence and can be reported to the police in Parish Magazine.


Parish Contact meeting, March 25th 2002, 6pm to 8.30 Wellow Village Hall.


Information re Jubilee Celebrations to be passed to the school.

Increase of dog fouling, as reported by Mr Cole. Note to be put in Parish magazine.

Mr Martin asked that "Playing Field and Playground not suitable for dogs" to be added

NEXT MEETING of Wellow Parish Council will be held on Monday 18th March 2002

at 8 o’clock in the village hall.