Wellow Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs Sue Wordsworth Courtland House Wellow BA2 8PU tel 01225 836181 email chrisandsuewordsworth@hotmail.com

Minutes of the meeting of Wellow Parish Council held on

Monday 19th September 2005 at 8pm.

Present: Cllrs Colston, Betts, Dawson, Elvin, Halewood, Humphreys, Lewis, Martin (Chairman) and Pike.

In attendance: Clerk and 9 parishioners

96/05 Apologies for absence


97/05 Minutes of meeting held on 18 July 2005

The minutes were confirmed as a true and accurate record and were accordingly signed by the Chairman.

98/05 Matters of report arising and not on the agenda


99/05 Declarations of interest

Cllrs Elvin and Watson declared an interest in the planning application agenda item 6(i) Tumbledown Cottage.

100/05 Public participation:

The following items were reported:

· The sloping path up to the church is overhung with branches that need to be cut back. AE

· Overgrown hedges at the bottom of farm lane before the dovecote may need cutting back. AM

· Stewart Cole needs varnish to paint the seat near the church SW

· Damage to fence near the Packhorse Bridge needs to be reported to B&NES Council. SW

· Letter to be sent to B&NES regarding poor bin collection service for the village hall bins. SB

It was also noted that the work carried out to repair the Packhorse Bridge which included painting the railings, removing a tree and placing stones to prevent erosion of the banks was excellent. It was agreed to send a letter of praise to BANES. SW

101/05 Planning

New Applications

Cllr Elvin left the room at 8.18pm

(i) 05/02499/FUL Tumbledown Cottage 4 The Batch. Wellow. Construction of a two storey rear extension. Unanimously supported as the proposed changes are in scale and keeping with the surroundings. Cllr Elvin returned to the meeting at 8.20pm

(ii) 05/02808/FUL Fosseway Environment Park. Erection and operation of a 45m high wind turbine for a fixed period of 5 years. After a detailed discussion of the issues regarding the site which lies within the parish of Combe Hay but impacts on residents of Wellow parish, it was proposed by Cllr Humphreys "to oppose the construction of a wind turbine on that site on the basis of impairment of the visual amenity and other considerations; to recommend that the issue of wind turbine farms be included in the drafting of the local plan and the local authorities' environment strategy review." The proposal was seconded and unanimously agreed.

Decisions received

(iii) 05/02113/FUL Knights Barn High Street Wellow. Construction of a dining room and utility extensions to dwelling. Permitted in accordance with the plans and drawings submitted.

(iv) 05/1976/LBA Baggridge Farm Baggridge Hill Wellow. Recover roof to cow byre. Listed Building consent granted.

102/05 Finance

(i) The financial report was received and payments and receipts were approved. Full details are available from the clerk subject to reasonable notice.

(ii) It was noted that the statement of accounts for the year ending 31 March 2005 have been approved by external auditors.

103/05 Grass cutting of Closed Churchyard

The Parish Council is delighted to have resolved the task of grass cutting, which will now be managed by Mrs Janet Earp with the work being carried out by Mr Andy Elvin.

104/05 Children's Equipped Play Areas

It was decided to apply for Grant Aid which is available only for the replacement of existing equipment which is worn out or unsafe. GL/SB

105/05 Traffic Calming Scheme

Cllr Watson advised on two fee proposals received for undertaking the necessary works. Advice was taken that a third quotation must be obtained. MW

106/05 Parish Plan

Cllr Colston advised that a draft would be ready for submission to the members in a months time.

107/05 Any other business

· Local Police to be formally advised of the Parish council's concern about abuse and misuse of The Hayes area where there has been an increase in motor biking and syringes have been found. SW

· Work to repair Hinton Hill is scheduled for 12 weeks from the end of October. There will be a 2 week road closure the date of which will be confirmed later.

· After protracted discussions with officers from B&NES Council, the car park in Wellow remains unavailable on the terms required by the Parish Council and will therefore remain the responsibility on the local authority.

· A letter of thanks is to be sent to Mrs Shirley Hurdle for her work on the Parish Plan. SW

108/05 Date of next meeting

The next monthly Parish Council Meeting will be held at 8pm on Monday 24 October 2005.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30pm