Wellow Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs Sue Wordsworth Courtland House Wellow BA2 8PU tel 01225 836181 email chrisandsuewordsworth@hotmail.com

Minutes of the meeting of Wellow Parish Council held on

Monday 24th October 2005 at 8pm.

Present: Cllrs Colston, Betts, Halewood, Humphreys, Lewis, Martin (Chairman) and In attendance: Clerk and 5 parishioners

109/05 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received and accepted from District Cllr Dawson and Cllrs Elvin and Pike.

110/05 Minutes of meeting held on 19 September 2005

The minutes were confirmed as a true and accurate record and were accordingly signed by the Chairman.

111/05 Matters of report arising and not on the agenda


112/05 Declarations of interest


113/05 Public participation

The following items were reported:

· Appreciation due to Cllr Elvin for cutting back the oak tree, which had been overhanging the footpath near the church.

· A dog is apparently being allowed to roam the village. Its owners are to be contacted and requested to keep it in unless accompanied. AM

· A complaint about traffic speeding through the village, in particular the Moby Nick Fish delivery van seen driving dangerously on October 8th.

114/05 Planning New Applications

(i) 05/02988/FUL Cranborne House Station Road Wellow. Two storey and single storey extensions. Unanimously supported as it was considered that the changes were in keeping with the village and would improve the appearance of the dwelling. Decisions received

(ii) 05/02499/FUL Tumbledown Cottage 4 The Batch. Wellow. Construction of a two-storey rear extension. CONSENT granted subject to the usual conditions.

(iii) 05/02118/RES development of a new two storey agricultural dwelling. Wellow/ Twinhoe turning. PERMITTED subject to a condition that a sample panel of walling materials is kept on site for reference.

115/05 Finance

(i) The financial report was received and payments and receipts were approved.

Full details are available from the clerk subject to reasonable notice.

116/05 Packhorse Bridge split post rail

It was decided to convene the parish task force to repair the broken rail and also to consider placing a bench or seat overlooking the ford. AM

117/05 Traffic Calming Scheme

Cllr Watson provided the meeting with a brief outline of the outcome of his discussions with traffic consultants and proposed that Hamilton Baillie Associates Ltd be invited to give a presentation to the Parish at 7.30pm Monday 21 November at the Village Hall. The cost of £200 to be met by funding for the Parish Plan. The proposal was fully supported and members of the parish are to be encouraged to attend. MW

A letter has been received and was endorsed by members of the public and of the Parish Council raising concerns about inconsiderate and dangerous parking as well as speeding traffic particularly in the areas where The Square meets Bath Hill. These concerns will be raised with the Community Police. AM

118/05 Parish Plan

Cllr Colston requested that any outstanding outlines of reports should be finalised in preparation for the draft.

119/05 Safer Communities

Local Police have been formally advised of the Parish Council's concern about abuse and misuse of The Hayes area where there has been an increase in motor biking and syringes have been found. It was decided to refer the information about Safer Community grant aid to Cllr Pike to consider the best options. SB

120/05 Bus Services

The review of the local bus services is being carried out by B&NES. The 757 service is heavily subsidised and may be reduced or replaced with an alternative provision. The Parish Council has been assured that well used services such as the school run and the weekly shopping trip to Midsomer Norton will be able to continue.

It was decide to write again to Andy Strong, who is leading the review, to reinforce the concerns of the community. DH

121/05 Any other business

· A letter to be sent to the Planning Authority requesting them to enforce the construction of a bank outside Weavers Orchard. AM

· Work to repair Hinton Hill is scheduled for 8 weeks from the end of October. There will be a 2 week road closure the date of which will be confirmed later.

· The poor condition of the road at Combe Hay Bridge to be reported. SW

122/05 Date of next meeting

The next monthly Parish Council Meeting will be held at 8pm in the Village Hall on Monday 21 November 2005 following a presentation at 7.30pm by Hamilton Baillie Associates Ltd…

Introducing the concept of making traffic safer by changing attitudes to shared spaces.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.10pm