Wellow Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting of Wellow Parish Council held on

Monday 18th October 2004 at 8pm.

Present: Cllrs Betts, Colston, Halewood, Humphreys, Lewis, Martin (Chairman), and Watson

In attendance: Sue Wordsworth (Clerk) and ten parishioners

Cllr Martin gave a special thanks to Sheilagh Humphreys for all her work during the last year as Clerk to the Parish Council and welcomed Sue Wordsworth as new Clerk.

2004/161 Apologies for absence Cllrs Pike, Elvin and Dawson

2004/162 Minutes of meeting held on 20 September 2004 The minutes were confirmed as a true and accurate record subject to the following amendment at the request of Cllr Colston:

2004/144 Declarations of interest Cllr Colston declared an interest in Planning Applications (i)(v)(vi)' and were accordingly signed by the Chairman.

2004/163 Matters arising and not on the agenda There were no matters arising

2004/164 Declarations of interest Cllrs Watson and Colston declared an interest in a Planning application 16(c) and took no part in the discussion.

2004/165 Public participation The Chairman adjourned the meeting for public participation.

Mr S Cole raised the following points:

(i) Dog fouling in the village has increased again especially near Hungerford Terrace and the school.

(ii) A dog owner has ignored signs to keep dogs on leads in a cattle field

(iii) Roadside drain cracked near The Manor

(iv) Dog fouling and 20mph sign pulled down at Manor Close.

(v) Query about the quality of work to kerbside repair near church.

(vi) The emptying of waste bins at the Village Hall has not been happening. Mr Holland to request a metal waste bin from John Everett.

Cllr Watson queried what sort of pointing and stone was being used on the reconstruction of the implement shed. Mrs Horler replied that she is reusing the old stone but it has been dressed and was taking advice from the Planning Officer.

2004/166 Hinton Hill The Chairman advised that he had written to Dan Norris MP regarding the delay in getting the hill repaired asking for his assistance in getting the decision on the funding application expedited. A reply has been received saying he has no power to intervene in decisions about funding that will be made by the GOSW next month but that he would continue to monitor the situation. It appears also that BANES only recently applied for funding despite having advised they were doing this earlier in the year.

2004/167 Weekly playground checks Cllr Lewis confirmed that he is still carrying out these checks, completing and keeping the records.

2004/168 Repair to Village Hall drive A Quote for works costing £925.00 excluding VAT has been received and accepted from The Mealing Group. This is to be financed out of the underspend from the previous financial year. Start date to be confirmed.

Action AM

2004/169 Village Hall The Chairman of The Village Hall Committee reported that following an offer by the Parish council to assist in attempting to identifying sources of grant funding they had discussed the matter further at their AGM. The Village Hall Committee has concluded that following exhaustive attempts by themselves, funding is not available to rebuild the hall and proposed that remedial works be carried out as follows:

· Felling Ash tree and pruning back crown of Beech tree

· Underpinning the south west corner of the hall

· Renovating windows and toilet facilities to bring in line with disability requirements

They would also like to pursue funding to improve facilities for the nursery and sports activities and carry out a 'facelift' for the hall.

A vote of support for these proposals was unanimously agreed.

2004/170 Environmental and Consumer Services Policy Policy to be checked and comments on its impact on the village to be commented on.

Action AM

2004/171 Cotswolds AONB The Chairman advised of the receipt of an election paper for a parish representative to the Cotswold ANOB. Having nominated Cllr Pike it was confirmed that we return the document voting in accordance with our nomination. Cllr Watson is pursuing having a stone sign the same as has been recently placed at the Combe Hay crossroads installed within our parish at an appropriate location.

Action MW

2004/172 Car Park Cllr Halewood reported he had communicated to BANES our conditions for taking on the car park but, as yet, had not received a reply.

Action DH

2004/173 Wellow Mill Bridge B&NES has written to say that an inspection of the bridge has been carried out and some vegetation needs to be removed. The works will be considered for inclusion in next years programme.

2004/174 Sustrans route Erica Smith (Sustrans Ranger) has emailed the Parish Council asking for support in asking for the Wellow to Midford section of the National Cycle network. Letter to be sent to B&NES.

Action AM

2004/175 Planning Applications

(a) The Cottage, High Street. Agreed at last month's meeting

(b) Brae Orchard, Bulls Hill. Supported subject to clarification regarding material to be used for the windows

(c) Willow Barn, High Street. Supported

(d) Land between Wellow Lane and Eckweek Lane. This application is now due to go to the Planning Committee on 20 October. The Parish Council has objected to this application and will respond to Erica Smith who has written to express her concern about the application and its administration by the Planning Department.

Action AM

2002/176 Financial Report

A. Bank Statement

(i) Current Account £9277.07

(ii) Reserve Account £7865.29

(iii) Wellow 2000 Current Account £145.36

(iv) Wellow 2000 Reserve Account £1957.72

B. October Payments due and agreed.

(i) Mr S Cole Street Cleaning £226.40

(ii) Mrs S Wordsworth Salary £129.89

(iii) Burial Board Precept £700.00

(iv) Village Hall Committee Second half of grant £825.00

(v) Parlour Shop Second half of grant £300.00

(vi) Church Clock Servicing £186.00

C. Receipts

(i) Parish Precept £4252.00

D. Parish Plan

(i) Account £2385.56 4

2004/177 Meetings

(i) Police Parish Forum Wed 27 Oct at 7.00 at Radstock Police Station

(ii) Parish Cluster Meeting at Wellow Village Hall 8 November. Village Hall Committee agreed to change their venue.

Action AM

(iii) Parish Cluster Group revised date: Thurs 1 Sept 2005 at Wellow Village Hall 6pm to 8.30pm.

2004/178 Any other business

(i) Cllr Betts enquired whether the status of the Wellow 2000 fund had been resolved and was advised that attempts are still ongoing.

(ii) Cllr Halewood raised the matter of the resident of 1 West End Cottages using an unauthorised access from the Village Hall drive. It was agreed to send a letter requesting cessation. Action AM

(iii) Cllr Halewood asked for a member of the Parish Council to sit on one of the working groups and to attend next meeting of Parish Plan Committee scheduled for Nov 18th. Cllr Lewis volunteered. Action GL

2004/179 Date of Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held Monday 15 November at 8 pm in the village hall. The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30 pm