Wellow Parish Council

Minutes of the Council meeting held Monday 10th November 2008

In the Village Hall at 8p.m.

Attended by: Cllrs Betts, Pike, Watson, Martin (Chairman), Colston, Halewood Witty and Andrews. Dist Cllr Butters in attendance and 9 members of the public.

8.107 Apologies:

An apology had been received from Cllr Lewis.

8.108 To confirm minutes of meeting held 13th Oct 2008:

Following discussion with members, the Chairman recommended a change to minute no 8.110.3 to read… This created a lot of comment and at one stage The Chairman had to advise Mrs Horler, (a member of the public present) not to interrupt the meeting making an explicit statement regarding the parking of four by four vehicles on The Batch if the proposals were adopted…. Subject to this amendment, the minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record and were accordingly signed by the Chairman.

8.109Matters arising:

8.110 Declarations of interest on any matter on the agenda. None

8.111 Public participation:

The meeting was adjourned for this item Mr Cole enquired of The Chairman whether any progress had been made regarding the Holm Oak in the pavement opposite the Church. The Chairman reported that he had attempted to progress the matter with B&NES but they had not as yet responded. The meeting was reconvened.

8.112 Planning:

New applications:

(a) 08/03679/FUL Field Parcel 7715 Ford Road Wellow, Provision of an agricultural track (Part retrospective).

The Chairman explained the application to members and referred to two telephone calls he had had that day drawing attention to a website on which tented holidays were being offered from Spring 2009 on this site. The applicant was offered the opportunity to comment but declined. Councillors felt that insufficient information regarding B&NES opinion of road safety matters was available. Arguments were submitted that the justification had not been proven; the safety aspects had been overstated and were art variance with the application approved for the installation of the track opposite the entrance to the Trekking Centre and adverse impact on the visual amenity of the AONB. Cllr Halewood proposed that …The Parish Council support the application. This was defeated by a majority vote and it was accordingly decided to OBJECT IN PRINCIPLE.

(b) 08/03701/FUL Wellow Trekking Centre Little Horse Croft Farm, Wellow, Re-siting of existing caravan.

The Chairman explained that he had found this application somewhat puzzling and had therefore arranged a meeting with the applicant so that it could be explained. In essence it is requesting the transfer of a certificate of lawfulness to be transferred from one mobile home to another in a different location. The Chairman read letters of objection from three parishioners. Members were particularly concerned that this application had resulted from enforcement action and the impact it was having on nearby properties and the visual amenity of the location. The Chairman advised that he had spoken to the case officer whose advice was that it was not possible transfer a certificate of lawfulness from one mobile home to another. It was proposed by Cllr Watson that…. Wellow Parish Council OBJECT IN PRINCIPLE to this application. This was carried unanimously.

8.113 Finance:

The RFO tabled the report for the month advising that statements had not been received to allow a bank reconciliation to be carried out but promised to issue one as soon as statements were received. Payments due were approved unanimously.

8.114 Parish plan: The Chairman invited updates from members

(a) Cllr Watson advised he was still pursuing B&NES to produce update drawings on which firm costings could be based.

(b) Cllr Betts advised of an impending meeting to discuss with all users proposals for changes to the Hall, playing field and play area. Dist Cllr Butters advised of assistance available from Ms S Dixon at B&NES. It was decided to wait until after this meeting before any approach was made.

8.115 Christmas tree on The Batch:

The Chairman reported no offers of the donation of a tree had been received and we would have to purchase one from funds. It was agreed to hold the singing of carols around the tree on Friday19th December and to invite parishioners to suggest a suitable charity to benefit from the collection.

8.116 Chairman's report: The Chairman tabled his report for the month, which was accepted without comment,(Attached to these mins).

8.117 Correspondence:

(a) Letter received from 11 parishioners regarding the siting and quality of litterbin placed next to the seat on the approach to the church. Cllr Betts agreed to pursue.

(b) The chairman referred to an invitation to attend a road show: Empowering and Engaging Citizens and asked for a volunteer to attend. None were forthcoming so it was left that the Chairman would attend if available.

(c) Letter from B&NES re Transport to Secondary School Review. It was agreed that there were no problems bringing in pupils but taking them from Wellow.

8.118 Any other business:

The Chairman advised members he had authorised the submission of an application for funding of Children's equipped play areas to B&NES by two members of the public.

8.119 Date of Next meeting:

The date of the next meeting was agreed as Mon 8th Dec, 8 pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.41pm.

AM 01.12.08