Wellow Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs Sue Wordsworth Courtland House Wellow BA2 8PU tel 01225 836181 email chrisandsuewordsworth@hotmail.com

Minutes of the meeting of Wellow Parish Council held on

Monday 14th May 2007 at 8pm.

Present: Councillors Andrews, Betts, Colston, Lewis, Martin Chairman, Pike, Watson and Witty. Clerk, Gitte Dawson and 8 Parishioners.

7.48 Apologies for absence

District Councillor Neil Butters and Cllr Halewood.

7.49 Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held 17th April 2007 were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

7.50 Matters arising from the minutes and not on the agenda

The Chairman reported that he had spoken to Mr Chivers concerning the storm damage done to his property. Mr Chivers said that he was happy to bear the cost of the repairs, but requested that in the autumn the parish council replace an oak sapling that had been destroyed in the storm. ARR

7.51Declaration of interest

Cllr Pike declared an interest in agenda item 7.53a

7.52 Public Participation

The meeting was adjourned for public participation

The meeting was reconvened.

7.53 Planning. To note planning applications.

(a) 07/01062/FUL Parcel 6030 Dunkerton Hill, Dunkerton BA2 8BW. Change of use of land at Dunkerton Hill for caravan/camping site for six months each year (Easter-30 September) The Chairman read out e-mail from the Dunkerton Parish listing reasons why the application should be refused, mainly environmental. Combe Hay Parish is not in favour either. A vote was taken and all were in favour to object in principle to the application.

(b) Notification of works to trees in the conservation area PLW/546/CA7800 'Peacehaven' High Street Wellow. Supported.

7.54 Finance

(a) The payments were approved.

(b) The monthly reconciliation was approved.

(c) The insurance with Allianz Cornhill is to be renewed while enquiries are made regarding vegetation cover. ARR

7.55 Update on traffic calming scheme

Cllr Watson updated members on progress. Alan Baxter Associates and Ben Hamilton Baillie are working together to develop an implementation strategy. Members are to be invited to comment on proposals that can then be taken forward to the parish and BANES.

7.56 Parish Plan

Cllr Halewood is working on completion of the accounts.

7.57 1 West End Cottages

The Chairman advised members that the decision taken at the February meeting was invalid and that the proposal to offer a permanent access should be pursued. Members had already agreed on the acceptable price verified by the internal auditor and it was up to this council submit a proper proposal to be either accepted or rejected. Cllr Lewis proposed this offer needed to be made with conditions. This was agreed. AC/ARR

7.58 Acceptance of revised Code of Conduct

The Chairman proposed that this council adopt the revised code of conduct (The Local Authorities(Model code of Conduct) Order 2007) including paragraph 12.2 which had been distributed to members. This was seconded by Cllr Watson and was carried unanimously.

7.59 Any Other Business

Cllr Colston made the Parish Council aware of the help that the Campaign to Protect Rural England would give to local authorities. This PC has already registered an interest.

Cllr Watson reported that Mr Hawkins, The Cottage, Canteen Lane, requested that a letter be written in support of his planning application. MW

7.60 Next Meeting

It was confirmed that the next Wellow Parish Council will be held on Monday, 11 June 2007, at 8pm in the Wellow Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 8.55pm.