Wellow Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs Sue Wordsworth Courtland House Wellow BA2 8PU tel 01225 836181 email chrisandsuewordsworth@hotmail.com

Minutes of the meeting of Wellow Parish Council held on

Monday 20th March 2006 at 8pm.

Present: Councillors Colston, Elvin, Halewood, Humphreys, Lewis, Martin (Chairman), and Watson. Clerk and 7 parishioners.

24/06 Apologies for absence

Apologies were accepted from Councillors Betts and Pike and District Councillor Dawson

25/06 Minutes of meeting held on 20 February 2006

The minutes were confirmed as a true and accurate record and were accordingly signed by the Chairman.

26/06 Matters of report arising from the minutes and not on the agenda


27/06 Declarations of interest on any matter on the agenda


28/06 Public Participation - the meeting was adjourned for public participation and the following items were discussed for action:

· Fly posting on BT telegraph poles is prohibited and may attract a fine. Village societies are to be advised not to flypost.

· A task force is required to help prepare footings for repair work at the triangle area near the ford.


The meeting was reconvened

29/06 Planning

The following decisions were noted and approved:

Decisions received:

(i) 06/00077/FUL Manor Stables Farm Lane Wellow. Conversion of outbuilding to form living accommodation, minor alterations to existing dwelling. PERMITTED

(ii) 06/00109/FUL Home Farm White Ox Mead Wellow. Erection of extension after removal of existing. PERMITTED. New planning applications:

(iii) 06/00471/FUL Expiry Date: 31 March 2006 The Old Works Railway Lane Wellow BA2 8QG Conversion of existing building to residential with new attached mews cottage. It was noted that the application is incomplete as there are several drawings missing and it was therefore not possible to discuss the application.

(iv) 06/00581/RES Expiry Date: 11/05/2006 Development Site Roman Way Peasedown St. John BA2 8SF Application for B1 (a) Employment Development - approval of Reserved Matters. Members have great reservations about permitting any change to the original planning permission and it was decided to request a meeting to discuss these with senior planning officers at B&NES, also to request the attendance of District Councillor Dawson.


(v) 06/00586/RES Expiry Date: 11/05/2006 Development Site Roman Way Peasedown St. John BA2 8SF Reserved matters submission for application for warehouse and 2 storey offices at Plot G on land between A367 Wellow Lane and Eckweek Lane. As above for (iv).

(vi) 06/00765/FUL The Cottage, Canteen Lane, Wellow. Second storey rear extension. The Parish Council recommended a slight amendment to the design of the eaves and subject to this being accepted, supports the application. Notification of work to trees in the conservation area:

(vii) PLW/546//CA6757 Entrance opposite Wellow Church, Church Farm, Wellow. PERMITTED (viii) PLW/546/CA6777 The Mill Mill Hill Wellow. PERMITTED

30/06 Finance

(i) The finance report was received and a payment of £24.17 for a replacement bollard was added. Receipts and payments were approved.

(ii) Annual salary increments in line with NALC payscales were approved unanimously. These will be effective from 1 April 2006.

31/06 Village Hall and playing field.

Following a recent incident which was attended by local police, the security of these areas was considered. It was decided that no change to current arrangements was required.

32/06 Parish Plan

The Parish Plan Steering Committee provided a detailed report and discussion of the progress of the parish plan. It was decided they should use the Parish Newsletter to invite residents to be involved in a consultation on the findings at a date to be arranged.


It was also decided to put an item on the May agenda to report on how to take forward the key recommendations and outcomes.


33/06 Future Energy Policies

The Chairman presented a report which is attached to the minutes. His proposal to form a parish council sponsored group to address forthcoming energy needs was unanimously supported.


34/06 Leisure facilities in Wellow

An audit was completed to be returned to B&NES;


35/06 Hinton Hill

It was decided to take the concerns of the Parish Council regarding amendments to the original scheme to the Parish Cluster Group Meeting.


36/06 Any other business

· Councillor Lewis reported that the culverts under the ford need clearing.

· Councillor Martin reminded everyone at the meeting about the consultation on 23 March with Hamilton Baillie Associates to receive their initial traffic calming proposals.

· Councillor Halewood agreed to contact the owner of 1 West End Cottages and invite a proposal for off street parking and access.

37/06 Date of the next meeting is Monday 24 April 2006 at 8pm in The Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.15pm