Wellow Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs Sue Wordsworth Courtland House Wellow BA2 8PU tel 01225 836181 email chrisandsuewordsworth@hotmail.com

Minutes of the meeting of Wellow Parish Council held on

Monday 21st March 2005 at 8pm.

Present: Cllrs Betts, Colston, Dawson, Elvin, Halewood, Humphreys, Martin (Chairman), Pike and Watson

In attendance: Clerk and 7 members of the public

33/05 Apologies for absence

Cllr Lewis, on holiday

34/05 Minutes of meeting held on 21 February 2005

The Minutes were confirmed as a true and accurate record and were accordingly signed by the Chairman.

35/05 Matters of report arising and not on the agenda


36/05 Declarations of interest

Cllr Watson declared an interest in the planning application of Springhill House.

37/05 Public participation

Concern was expressed at the dangerous, speedy driving of cars entering the village from Bath Hill and it was acknowledged that some drivers continue to exceed the village speed limits and put lives at risk. It was decided that Cllr Watson would speak to Neil Terry (Area Traffic Engineer) of B&NES Traffic and Safety Department in an attempt to accelerate the traffic calming scheme at the village entrances. MW

The drain at the Manor House has not been repaired and this is to be chased up with the Action Line. SW

It was noted that thanks were given to Mrs Horler for the new seat at The Batch and are also due to Mr Cole who is coming up to his 15th anniversary as street cleaner for Wellow.

38/05 Cllr Dawson's report

It was agreed with Cllr Dawson to take this item off the agenda in future as she can comment on items as they come up during the meeting.

39/05 Planning


(i)05/00590/FUL Registered: 21 February 2005 Expiry Date: 18 April 2005 Location: Springhill House White Ox Mead Lane Peasedown St. John BA2 Proposal: Two storey extension after demolition of existing single storey extension. Case Officer: Chris Beak Type: Full Application Fully supported.

(ii) 05/00447/FUL Registered: 10 February 2005 Expiry Date: 7 April 2005 Location: Wellow Farm Barn Norton Lane Wellow BA2 8QR Proposal: Partial change of use of existing cowshed to agricultural/domestic use and provision of access track. Case Officer: Ludek Majer Type: Full Application Fully supported.

(iii) 05/00481/FUL Registered: 10 February 2005 Expiry Date: 7 April 2005 Location: The Cottage The Square Wellow BA2 8QE Proposal: Rear conservatory Case Officer: Neil Harvey Type: Full Application Fully Supported.


(i) 04/03585/LBA Church Farm High Street Wellow BA2 8QS Conversion of two houses and intervening barn to form single dwelling. Consent granted subject to the usual conditions.

Process of commenting on planning applications

There was a lengthy debate about how to manage the process within the time restrictions allowed by the Planning Authority and enabling proper consultation to take place. It was decided that the problem and various solutions that were discussed be considered further and that one or more suggestions would be circulated to members of the Parish Council before the next meeting. AM

Proposal for new site of St Johns Catholic Primary School

At present the school is on two sites and needs to be relocated together to a new site. There has been an options appraisal carried out over the past 2 years which has recommended that a new premises be built either on part of Odd Down playing fields or on a variety of positions on the area next to the Odd Down Park and Ride.

Having looked at the plans and considered the options it was decided to object to all the proposals to relocate the school to the area next to the Park and Ride. AM

Restoration of The Batch

Mrs Horler advised that it was hoped that work would be completed this spring.

40/05 Finance

a) Bank statements

(i) £4555.97 Current Account

(ii) £7909.90 Reserve Account

(iii) £ 145.36 Wellow 2000 Current account

(iv) £1972.08 Wellow 2000 Reserve Account

b) Payment due for playground equipment was added to the financial report. Receipts and payments for March were approved.

c) Parish Plan £1788.37

d) It was agreed to transfer funds of £2000 from current account to reserve account. SW

41/05 Magic Box preschool proposals for an extension to the village hall

Cllr Watson explained that having consulted the parish council the architect, Michael Greaves has amended the design of the extension to include a gable, which would link the old and new buildings. The new design was unanimously supported and Sue MacDonald who was present will now be able to request the architect applies for planning permission on behalf of the preschool. A site plan will be provided by Cllr Watson. MW

42/05 Hinton Hill

Work to repair the road at Hinton Hill has been rescheduled and will now all be carried out in the summer. Road closure is estimated for a period of 3/5 weeks. Following the recommendation of Cllr Pike the parish council will request that work is started either before or after the grain harvesting season. GD

43/05 Transport Capital Programme

There has been no further information regarding forthcoming funds for road safety measures. It was decided to write to Sir Elgar Jenkins outlining the parish council's expectation that funds from the S106 Agreement are to be used for traffic calming and shall not be diverted to cover the costs of the road safety plans for Wellow. AM

44/05 Playground improvements

Essential equipment to repair damaged play equipment has been received. Further information and costs of swing barriers is required for next meeting. GL/SB

45/05 Any other business

Cllr Elvin: After much consultation regarding the identification and signage of Quiet Lanes it appears that there are no funds available to progress this idea further. It was agreed that generally everyone is happy with the present situation anyway and no further time would be spent of this initiative.

Cllr Halewood: Thanks have been received for the parish council's response to the Visual and Spatial Strategy.

Cllr Dawson: Following a monitoring exercise which has shown that the village bus route to Bath is underused B&NES Council has had to reduce funding which means a cut in the number of services. A new timetable will be effective from the end of April. Interest was expressed at the possibility of alternative services such as a pre booked shoppers taxi and further information about this will be welcomed.

Cllr Martin: Funding for the development of the Colliers Way shared-use path at Midford has been received by Sustrans. John Price (Project Co-ordinator) is keen to pursue funding for the Wellow to Midford section and would like a letter of support from the parish council and from local residents. SW

46/05 Date of next meeting: Monday 18th April 2005.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.50pm