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Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday, June 10th 2013 at 8pm in the Village Hall.


Present: Cllrs Andrews, Betts, Caudle, Clarkson, Doman, Karthauser, Prentice, Wheeler and White along with eight members of the public. District Cllr Neil Butters also attended.





13.079              To accept apologies for absence




13.080              Declarations of interest in any matters on the agenda or in March minutes


There were no declarations of interest.


13.081              Public Participation


Chris Watts explained that he was allowing the use of his yard at Forge Cottage for storage of contractor’s materials for works at Elm Lea and that a temporary hole would be made in his wall to allow access:  the hole to be rebuilt on completion of works B&NES are aware and a listed building application had been submitted It was pointed out to Chris Watts that the wall should remain intact until, and if, planning consent was granted.  However, notwithstanding this Mr Watts stated he would proceed with the works and he was attending the meeting to advise us accordingly.


13.082              To report matters arising from the Minutes and not on the agenda.


Cllr White said that she would get in touch with B&NES regarding the stripping of ivy as they own the land concerned. Minute 13.067, May 2013, refers.                  JW



13.083              Reports to update Council on issues from the previous meeting


Updates on the following were noted:

The shop next to the Fox and Badger

            Village book exchange


School trip to Cologne

            Wellow Ford


13.084              St Julian’s School


After considerable discussion the proposal to contribute towards the school’s visit to Cologne was defeated by 6 votes to 3.


13.085              Planning


                        Application Number: 13/02174/FUL

Description of Proposal: Provision of new vehicle entrance lower down Bull's Hill to replace existing vehicle entrance (Resubmission)


It was suggested that three options remained open for the Council - to approve the application, to approve it on condition that no further development be allowed, or to reject the application.


After much discussion the Council voted by 5 votes to 2, with 2 abstentions to oppose  the application on the grounds that the proposed development was within the Green Belt and Conservation Area and would represent inappropriate development; and that the siting of the driveway was unsafe.. Cllr Caudle and Clarkson agreed to communicate this decision to B&NES.                                                                  PC/DC


Manor Barn Farm


The Council noted that consent approval had been given.


Chapel House


The Council noted the report. Cllr Clarkson said that the owner has yet to submit an application.


13.086              Tree Maintenance


The Council noted B&NES “no objection” to the felling of the ash tree in the children’s play area. The Council unanimously approved the estimate of £225 to fell the ash tree and end weight two lime trees and Cllr White agreed to ask Scott Watson to carry out the work of felling the ash tree in the play area and pruning the lime trees along the Village Hall driveway.                                                                                          JW



13.087              West End Cottages


The letter from FDC Law and the accompanying draft easement were noted.


The Council agreed the following responses to the questions in the letter.


Item 2 - The Council has no requirements in relation to the gate.


Item 4 – The right of way does not need to be restricted.


Item 5 – No further restrictions or obligations are needed


Item 6 – No weight restriction is required


Item 7 – The Grantee will pay £14,000 exclusive of VAT for the grant of the right of way. The Parish Council cannot add VAT to any charge as the Council is not registered for VAT.


The Council approved unanimously the proposal to approve the easement.  Cllr Caudle was authorised to instruct FDC Law to submit the draft deed to Croziers’ solicitors for their approval PC


The Council noted Counsel’s Opinion on the 1958 Deed relating to the playing field.


It was agreed unanimously to seek further advice relating to the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976.


It was agreed that the Council would seek confirmation from the Charity Commission whether or not the Charities Commission will confirm, in the light of Counsels opinion, that the playing field was not settled under a charitable trust.  by 8 votes to 1.


Cllr Caudle agreed to respond accordingly.                                                        PC



13.088              Finance


                       The financial report was approved unanimously.


The external audit and governance statement were approved unanimously. The Clerk agreed to post the relevant documents to Grant Thornton.


The following payments were approved:


Street cleaner                                                                £258.80

Clerk’s salary                                                                £172.79

Barrister’s fee                                                                £450.00

HMRC                                                                           £129.00


Cllrs Betts, Caudle and Clarkson were instructed to sign the relevant cheques.


The Council approved the process by which costs relating to Wellow Sports would be paid by a majority of 8 votes to 1.


The Council agreed to undertake a full drainage survey of the playing field by 6 votes to nil with 3 abstentions.


It was agreed unanimously that the Council obtain 3 quotes for the work. Cllrs Clarkson and Doman agreed to follow this up.                                               DC/PD




13.089              Village Walk and Tidying Day


                        Cllr Clarkson proposed that this should take place on July 13th.  This was passed unanimously.  Cllr Clarkson agreed to publish it in the newsletter.                              DC


13.090              Traffic Calming


Cllr Clarkson proposed that a meeting be held in the Village Hall during which residents could make suggestions for improving traffic calming. She suggested 6pm to 8pm on July 8th.  This was agreed to unanimously and Cllr Clarkson agreed to make the necessary arrangements.


The Clerk said that he had received correspondence and a photograph which was related  to traffic calming from Brian and Mary Messer and said that he would circulate them by email.                                                                                            GW



13.091              Any other reports


Reports received from Wellow Sports and an update on the Wellow Sports meeting were noted. Only the tennis aspect of Wellow Sport’s proposals had been costed. Volunteers are needed to help with football and cricket.



The Council noted the report made by Mike Clarkson, Chairman of the Wellow Community Bus Group.


13.092              Date of Next Meeting


                        The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 8pm on July 8th.


                        The meeting closed at 9.40pm.



Geoffrey White

Parish Clerk

June 18th 2013