Wellow Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs Angharad Rhys-Roberts, Honeybatch, Railway Lane, Wellow, Bath BA2 8QG Tel 01225 833107, E-mail angharad@waitrose.com

Minutes of the meeting of Wellow Parish Council held on

Monday 8th January 2007at 8pm.

Present: Councillors Betts, Colston, Halewood, Humphreys, Lewis, Martin (Chairman), Pike and Watson. Clerk and 5 parishioners.

07.01 Apologies for absence

Accepted from Councillor Elvin and District Councillor Dawson

07.02 Matters arising from the minutes and not on the agenda

Cllr Colston reported that Philip Jennings, the estate agent, had inspected the vehicle access at 1 West End Cottages and gave a valuation of £8,500 to £9,000 for vehicular access to the property, and restricted access for 2 cars only. The bill for the valuation will be sent to the owner. One more valuation is required from Countrywide, and the owner is organising that. AC

07.02 Declaration of interest on any matter on the agenda:


07.03 Public Participation:

The Meeting was adjourned for public participation (a) Mr S Cole advised Mr H Mucklow has requested that the granite setts stored on his property be removed as soon as possible.


07.04 Planning:

To note decisions received and Chairman's update

(a) 06/01587/ FUL, Development Site Roman Way Peasedown St. John. Construction of new building incorporating car showroom, workshop, offices, parts dept. and provision of new access, associated parking and landscaping of Plot B Bath Business Park Sited: PERMITTED WITH CONDITIONS.

The Chairman expressed his amazement with this decision advising members of the reasons given by some members of the Planning Committee, which he described as "crass". District Councillor Dawson had sent an email to the council expressing her disapproval of the decision of the planning department. Cllr Humphreys proposed an approach to BANES expressing dismay at this decision ignoring our comments on traffic generation and calming, asking for a renegotiation of the Section 106 agreement regarding its inadequacy for the purpose for which it was intended and to also seek the support of our District Councillor in pressing for this.


(b) 06/00471/FUL The Old Works Railway Lane Wellow. Conversion of existing building to residential with new attached mews cottage. WITHDRAWN

(c) 06/039990/OUT Centres of Clinical Excellence Planning Application for Bath Business Park, Peasedown St John: UPDATE FROM THE CHAIRMAN The Chairman and Cllrs Humphreys, Lewis and Watson had a meeting with the Centres of Clinical Excellence, chaired Mr Rory Coonan on 12 December 2006. It was reported the Bath Chamber of Commerce, Bath University Department of Community Health, GP's and the Primary Care Trust are keen on the proposals and intend to write supporting the proposals. As far as Wellow's comments on the application are concerned the applicants have modified the plans so that the building is now 7.5 metres lower, and will be the same height as the Mercedes building. The car park will be sited on the north side of the building. There is also a 30% reduction in the building size. All corridors have been removed and the road between the proposed building and Wellow Lane. The applicants advised their traffic studies, which were not yet complete, indicate a greater impact on Wellow than had at first been thought. They promised to let the Parish Council have their final report in due course. AM advised of our own data collection exercise and promised to supply the results of this to the traffic consultants. They had ideas on how traffic impact would be mitigated e.g. staff will work flexible working hours, and be coached from the park and ride. The proposals for traffic calming in Wellow were discussed and CCE offered some assistance in this matter and this was left for further discussion.

07.05 Finance.

To receive the financial statement of accounts for the year to date and approve payments

(a) The Chairman drew attention that the cost of grass cutting of the recreation area had increased a lot and BANES will be contacted to investigate this matter. All other payments were approved.

(b) The monthly financial reconciliation was approved.

(c) Precept meeting will take place before the 17th January


The Chairman advised The Parlour shop has received £220, which had been passed to him from the sale of the village calendar.

07.06 Appointment of a Vice Chairman in the absence of the Chairman

Councillors agreed that Cllr Lewis would act as Vice Chairman in the absence of the Chairman who is away for the next two meetings.

07.07Any Other Business

(a) Cllr Betts reported: The culprits responsible for the wheelie tracks in the car park had been caught by the police, Combe Hay Bridge and the potholes in the road were becoming serious. The Chairman reported that he had been told BANES had overspent on repairs to Hinton Hill such that there was none left for highway repairs,


The padlock on the container at the village hall had been cut off. A new padlock has been installed.

(b) Cllr Pike stated that the drains at White Ox Mead were still blocked.


(c) Cllr Halewood congratulated the parish council on the lovely Christmas tree.

(d) Cllr Humphreys advised the current publication of The Bath Magazine contained an article on the traffic calming proposals for Wellow

07.08 The next Wellow Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday 12th February in the Wellow Village Hall. The meeting ended at 9.45 pm.