Wellow Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs Sue Wordsworth Courtland House Wellow BA2 8PU tel 01225 836181 email chrisandsuewordsworth@hotmail.com

Minutes of the meeting of Wellow Parish Council held on

Monday 19th December 2005 at 8pm.


Councillors Colston, Betts, Elvin, Halewood, Lewis, Martin (Chairman), Pike, Watson and District Councillor Gitte Dawson. Clerk and parishioners.

135/05 Apologies for absence

Apologies were accepted from Councillor Humphreys

136/05 Minutes of meeting held on 21 November 2005

The minutes were confirmed as a true and accurate record and were accordingly signed by the Chairman.

137/05 Matters of report arising from the minutes and not on the agenda


138/05 Declarations of interest on any matter on the agenda


Cllrs Colston, Halewood and Dawson joined the meeting at 8.05pm

139/05 Public Participation - the meeting was adjourned for public participation

The following items were discussed for action:

· Kerbstones have been knocked out of alignment on footpath below the south gate of the church

· Residents of Henley View have asked the Parish Council to write to their landlord Somer Community Housing Trust in support of their request to have the private road resurfaced AM

· The waste bin by the church gate needs to be emptied regularly

· Drains are blocked by the phone box near Alma Cottages

· A grit bin is required by the ford in addition to the one on Mill Hill. It was agreed to purchase one with Parish Council funds SW

· It was noted that the Recycling Centre overlooking the Combe Hay road has become extremely unsightly and that the hedging and trees in the field below have been razed. The Parish Council supports the efforts of Combe Hay Parish Council and B&NES Council to limit the damage in the area.

The meeting was reconvened

140/05 Planning

(a) To consider new applications (none) and note decisions received:

(i) 05/03655/LBA 4 The Square Wellow. Replacement of double glazed door from aluminium to wood. Supported.

(ii) Notification of proposed works to trees in the Conservation Area Vera House, Railway Lane, Wellow. Permission received.

(iii) Notification of proposed works to trees in the Conservation Area Manor Stables, Farm Lane, Wellow. No objection.

(b) Updates

(i) The Batch - progress report

Members were advised that various outstanding issues such as the planting of the beech hedge and materials used for hard surfacing were being addressed and that a resolution had been agreed by all parties. An assurance was given that the Batch is designated public highway and is available for public use.

(ii) Magic Box - progress report on the application for an extension to the Village Hall.

The Chairman confirmed that that the application has been withdrawn on the advice of the planning authority who were pointing out that the proposed extension was in the green belt. They asked for clarification regarding the siting and viability of the playgroup. He further advised of discussion he and Cllr Watson had had with both the Magic Box playgroup and the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee to seek a common way forward. This meeting had agreed a common approach but since then the Parish Council Chairman had become aware of additional considerations and will be writing to all parties. AM

Cllr Halewood advised that the Parish Plan indicates that there is an increase in the 10-18 age group of young people in the village whose needs should also be considered.

141/05 Finance

(i) The finance report was received and receipts and payments including two additional payments to Hamilton Baillie Associates and The Society of Local Council Clerks were approved.

(ii) Members were invited to put forward any suggestions for expenditure, as the budget for year 2005/2006 will be decided in January.

142/05 Improvements to the area next to the Packhorse Bridge

After consideration of the sketch plan and the views of local residents it was agreed that the area of natural planting should continue to be looked after by residents led by Mrs Bartholomew who had provided a comprehensive scheme for its restoration.

143/05 Traffic Calming Scheme

Cllr Watson advised that Hamilton Baillie Associates have agreed to provide a properly priced and costed draft feasibility proposal for comments and consultation in February. He will draft a letter for signature by the clerk accepting their quotation. MW

144/05 Hinton Hill

The Chairman advised of a very unsatisfactory state of affairs with BANES concerning our inability to get any information from them regarding when the promised works to the hill were to be carried out. These works were originally to have been carried in summer then October but we are still waiting. He reported that he had attended a meeting of Hinton Charterhouse Parish Council at which a progress report was to be given by BANES. Unfortunately no one from BANES turned up nor apologised for non-attendance. A statement on the current position had been received today with which the Parish Council were unhappy particularly in reference to cost cutting measures. Cllr Dawson undertook to pursue the matter on behalf of the parish. GD

146/05 Any other business

· Regional Spatial Strategy. This strategy plans for 1000 new homes to be built in the SW of Bath

· An appreciation was received for the renovation work, which has so significantly improved the appearance of Braes Orchard and the eastern approach to Wellow.

· The proposal to extend the boundary of the Forest of Avon to include parts of the parish was fully supported

· It was agreed to respond to the consultation document regarding the Statement of Community Involvement AM

147/05 Date of the next meeting is Monday 16 January 2006

The meeting closed at 9.25pm