Wellow Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs Sue Wordsworth Courtland House Wellow BA2 8PU tel 01225 836181 email chrisandsuewordsworth@hotmail.com

Minutes of the meeting of Wellow Parish Council held on

Monday 20th December 2004 at 8pm.

Present: Cllrs Betts, Colston, Dawson, Elvin, Halewood, Humphreys, Lewis, Martin (Chairman), Pike and Watson

In attendance: Sue Wordsworth (Clerk), Martin Gledhill (architect) and eight parishioners

196/04 Apologies for absence

Cllr Betts

197/04 Minutes of meeting held on 15 November 2004

The Minutes were confirmed as a true and accurate record and were accordingly signed by The Chairman.

198/04 Matters arising and not on the agenda

Progress on the Transport Capital Programme is being monitored by Cllr Watson. The allocation of monies should be known by mid to end of January and will be reported on at the next meeting.


199/04 Declarations of interest

Cllrs Halewood and Watson declared an interest in Planning and Listed Building Applications (b) and (c) relating to Church Farm, High Street, Wellow

200/04 Public participation

Mr Cole asked about the high fence, which has been put up in the school paddock, which had caused concern among some residents. Cllr Pike explained it was there for the protection and safety of the children and would not prevent them from playing and holding events on the paddock.

Mr Holland said that the handrail leading to Manor Close still needed repair and asked for this matter to be chased with B&NES Council.


Mr C Swift enquired what measures were to be put in place to prevent a repeat of incidents experienced the last time Hinton Hill was closed and Norton Lane used as a diversionary route. The Chairman advised that it was only proposed to close the Hill for three weeks in summer and that the Parish Council will impress on B&NES the importance of keeping closure to a minimum and to examine what measures could be implemented to reduce speed and the possibility of accidents along Norton Lane.


201/04 Cllr Dawson

No report, all relevant items to be commented on when raised during the meeting

202/04 Planning


Cllrs Watson and Halewood not present for items (b) and (c)

(a) 04/03542/FUL March House, Bulls Hill, Wellow. Single storey rear extension, alterations to porch, garage and interior.

The Parish Council had expressed reservations about the proposals as seen on the plans. The architect, Martin Gledhill, attended the meeting to explore an agreement and discuss areas of contention. A proposal was approved that subject to details of roofing and glazing being satisfactory the application would be supported.

(b) 04/03585/LBA Church Farm, High Street, Wellow. Conversion of two houses and intervening barn to form single dwelling. No objections.

(c) 04/03602/FUL Church Farm, High Street, Wellow. Conversion of two houses and intervening barn to form single dwelling. No objections.

(d) 04/03694/FUL Land adjoining The Paddock, Upper Twinhoe Farm. Provision of manege and access track.

(e) 02/00765/FUL Home Farm, White Ox Mead. Conversion of barn to dwelling, conversion of stables to residential accommodation for Home Farmhouse, associated carport and remove modern farm buildings. This was merely advice of some minor changes on which we had not been asked to comment.

(f) 04/03791/FUL The Wellow Trekking Centre, Wellow. Change of use from domestic dog kennels to commercial use and cattery. It was decided that further information was needed before a decision could be made.


(g) TPO Wellow Brook. Work to trees on Wellow Brook. Environmental impact to be considered and a response prepared.



(a) 04/03091/FUL Willow Barn High Street Wellow. Garage/workshop with studio above. Permitted.

(b) 04/02995/FUL Brae Orchard Bull's Hill Wellow. Two storey front extension and alterations to rear facade. Permitted.

(c) 04/03/03130/FUL Willow Farm Wellow. Change of use of farm buildings to Recycling Centre (Resubmission). Refused.

(d) 04/02852/FUL The Cottage High Street Wellow. Rear conservatory. Refused. The Parish Council had had no objections to this application and it was proposed that they contact the applicant and suggest a resubmission, which would be positively supported.

A new protocol for managing planning applications was debated. Cllr Dawson advised that she was surprised to see this as she had not known about it and in any case a review of the delegated powers procedure was due in February 2005. It was felt that the procedure was unnecessarily tortuous and unwieldy. A response will be prepared by the Chairman.

The Chairman again reminded members of the importance of ensuring applications were circulated without delay having noticed recently examples of applications being passed to members who had already seen and commented upon them and to members who had been deemed to have a prejudicial interest.

Weavers Farm Barn update. The Chairman gave an update on events since the last meeting: A meeting between the owners, their architect, the Planning Authority and Cllrs Watson and Martin had been held on site and had agreed a pointing regime that would ensure the reconstructed barn would look distinctly different from the house to which it is attached. A further enquiry regarding the roofing tiles confirmed double romans were the same as had been removed at demolition.

203/04 Proposed diversion of footpath near Brook Lodge, Wellow

A note had been received from the Footpaths Department at B&NES advising of a preliminary enquiry regarding the rerouting of public footpath, which passes close to the house. An alternative route was suggested and it was agreed to support a formal application.


204/04 Streetscape Manual:

Consultation Draft Cllr Watson agreed to prepare a response on behalf of The Parish Council.


205/04 Magic Box playgroup proposals for village hall extension

Cllr Lewis advised members of a wish by The Magic Box Group to have a purpose designed facility at The Village Hall. It was proposed to seek funding to allow extension to The Village Hall and the endorsement of the proposal by The Parish Council would enhance the application.

It was proposed and accepted that The Parish Council is happy in principle to support an application but close liaison should be maintained with The Village Hall Committee and The Parish Council. Furthermore it was emphasised that no costs will be borne by The Parish Council and that any additional facility should, although primarily for the use of The Magic Box be available for community use; any extension of the building should be carried out in tandem with the plans for refurbishment of the village hall. A written proposal to include financial and operational arrangements was requested so that the project can be discussed further.


206/04 Code of Conduct.

Guidance for members An updated copy was issued to all. Copy for Cllr Betts (absent)


207/04 Public consultation planning area's future to 2026

It was agreed this is a significant document and is to be circulated urgently for response by The Chairman 12 January 2005.


208/04 Car Park

Cllr Halewood advised B&NES Council are willing to lease the car park to the Parish Council for 5 years provided it takes on all liability including public liability, boundary maintenance and grass cutting. There was no support for this and it was agreed to respond to this effect with a request that if the land is ever available for disposal it is offered to the Parish in the first instance.


Cllr Watson extended thanks on behalf of the Parish Council to Cllr Halewood for his work in researching the options available to it.

209/04 Finance

(a) Bank statements

(i) £5646.06 Current Account

(ii) £7865.29 Reserve Account (statement of 1/10/04)

(iii) £ 145.36 Wellow 2000 Current account

(iv) £1972.08 Wellow 2000 Reserve Account

(b) Payments

(i) £ 192.44 Mr S Cole, Street cleaning Dec

(ii) £ 149.30 Mrs S Wordsworth, clerk's salary and expenses

(c) Receipts

(i) £191.57 B&NES street cleaning

(ii) £ 50.00 Wellow & District Horticultural Society

(d) Parish Plan

(i) £2385.56 Account

A reminder sent to an out of date parish council address has been received from B&NES Council for an amount overdue of £539.36 for grass cutting 2004. New address has been advised and sum due for approval at next meeting.

210/04 Meetings Funding Bids 2005-2006

Cllrs Martin and Humphreys and Clerk to prepare precept.

211/04 Any other business

Cllr Colston advised:

Land in front of Hungerford Terrace including retaining wall. Somer Housing are pursuing the transfer from B&NES.;

The Parish Plan. All 12 working groups are now set up and questionnaires are due to be delivered in early January.

Cllr Halewood in response to an enquiry from Cllr Betts advised that the developers of the Peasedown Industrial Estate have given B&NES Council the cheque for Wellow traffic calming schemes. The Highways Department will hold the money.

The Chairman advised that Cllr Pike had been unsuccessful in his application to be appointed to the AONB Conservation Board. The Parish Council had unanimously supported his application.

212/04 Date of next meeting

Monday 17 January 2005 at 8pm in the Village Hall The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.50pm