Wellow Parish Council


Annual Parish Meeting

9th May 2011


Attendance: Cllrs Andrews, Betts, Martin (Chairman) and Witty and six members of the public. In addition the six newly elected councillors were present but were members of the audience at this stage.


2011.01 Apologies for absence


It was taken as read that members of the previous council who had not sought re-election had sent apologies.


2011.02 Minutes of meeting held on 10th May 2010


†††††††††††††† Agreed at June 2010 meeting


2011.03 Matters arising


†††††††††††††† None


2011.04 Chairmanís report


†††††††††††††† The Chairman gave his report for the preceding year a copy of which is attached.††


2011.05 Date of next meeting


†††††††††††† Agreed as May 14th 2012





Geoffrey White

Parish Clerk

May 13th 2011