Minutes of the meeting of Wellow Parish Council

held on Monday 16th September 2002 at 7.30 in the Village Hall.

Present were: Cllr Humphries, Cllr Bartholomew, Cllr Watson, Cllr Martin Cllr Smith, Cllr Phillips and Cllr Whittington(chair)

In attendance, the clerk and for item 3, 17 Parishioners, some of whom left at the end of the item to leave 7 for the remainder of the meeting.

1) APOLOGIES RECEIVED: Cllr Hurdle and Cllr Elvin and Cllr G Dawson.

2) The minutes of the last meeting held July 15th 2002 have been circulated, and the chairman signed them, with the meeting’s approval.

Due to public interest planning items were moved forward on the Agenda.


i) Application 02/02011/FUL by Mr D Phillips, Willow Farm, Wellow.

Change of use of farm buildings to light industrial use.

Planning dept had informed the clerk that the opinion of the Parish Council could be sent in later than date on application.

The chairman began with a reference to information received from Monitoring Officer and Solicitor to B&NES, Mr V Hitchman, from which it was concluded that Cllrs Humphries and Watson had a possible but not prejudicial interest. Also that another meeting would not be entitled to mandate the Parish Council to an effect.

From the floor, Mr P Downey, representing Wellow Residents Ass, asked Mr Phillips if he wished to contradict any part of the minutes recorded re meeting of Sept 11th 2002. Mr Phillips responded that they were fairly recorded.

Cllr Phillips, the applicant, left the meeting, having declared an interest.

The chairman reminded the meeting that the plans had been circulated from 23rd August to 3rd September to all Cllrs for written comment, and now invited the Cllrs present to state their views before a vote.

Each Cllr (6 inc chairman) gave their careful and considered opinion, stating the concerns expressed, proposing delay, and also suggesting an alternative application.

Comments were then taken from the floor.

The vote that followed...."This Council supports the application as stands" and as proposed by Cllr Bartholomew and seconded by Cllr Watson was defeated by 6 to 0 against.

Cllr Martin proposed an additional motion, seconded by Cllr Humphries...."The Parish Council would seek to explore with B&NES and applicant an alternative use of site more acceptable to the village" This was carried in support by 6 to 0.

Cllrs comments, copy of minutes and copy of minutes from meeting of Sept 11th to be forwarded to Planning Dept.

ii) Application by Orange PLC for erection of 10 metre telecom telegraph pole on land at Weavers Farm, Wellow has been refused. Reapplication to be discussed at Oct meeting. Also iii) Notice of appeal App/F0114/A/02/1095473 re Signal Box, Wellow.

Decisions received Page 2

App 02/01152/LBA, Mr and Mrs Solomon, Hayes farm, PSJ. Alterations including reversing staircase, 3 light window. Listed Building Consent.

App 02/01450/FUL. Mr D Barrett, land adjoining Manor Lodge, Wellow. Single timber stable and tack room. Permitted.

App 02/00551/FUL by Mr and Mrs Bray, Willow farm House, Wellow . Refused.

DEFRA letter re Parish Councils to retain role in Planning & NALC Policy Update was read. CPRE Planning Update with details of decision to be circulated.


i) Folly Down Enquiry. Cllr Watson told the meeting that he would attend the inquiry on Sept 26th to put forward the evidence of Wellow Parish Council. That Folly Down would set a president for future applications at Peasedown St John and the increase of traffic.

A request had been received from CPRE for a donation to support their costs.

Cllr Watson proposed the council support the CPRE with a donation of £50.00. agreed by a vote of 5 to 1 in favour. Cllr Phillips did not wish to support.

ii) 20mph and 7.5 tonne limit. Cllr reported on a meeting with Nick Jeanes of B&NES, who would support a 20mph speed limit through the village and a proposal that a pavement be put from Willow Farm House to Crossroads. He requested a sub committee be formed to set the plan in motion. Cllrs Whittington and Smith offered to join that committee. The 7.5 tonne limit could also be implemented.

A letter received 30th July re Hinton Hill re progress and work on Hinton Hill was noted.

iii) The Batch. Petition had been received, signed by residents, requesting a seat be fitted to the trough. The request noted by the meeting.

iv) Mill Hill Verges. The clerk reported on a phone call from Steve Gees that the work would be carries out soon.

v) Playing Field. Cllr Smith reported on a letter from ROSPA stating that the playground was as save as necessary. A request was made to order a replacement basketball net. This was agreed to the amount of £5.00.

Mr Kyte has reported piece of broken wood on Balance Walk.

vi) Cllr Martin had completed the forms re Data Protection Act and passed them to the clerk who expressed her Thanks.

v) Meeting re Parish Sweeper Scheme. The clerk reported on meeting and had received a summary of issues raised.

vi) 3 The Square and Earthworks Railway Lane. The clerk reported on various E mails with B&NES Building at Risk officer. Work had started on 3 The Square and Earthworks will be reported to other interested departments.

5) CLLR DAWSON in her report referred to Parish Cluster meeting on 23rd Sept, Parish Sweeping and recycling application.


Current A/C Statement dated 6th August 2002 to show balance of 1301.30, to include receipt from B&NES of 265.50 re June Street Cleaning.

Cheques not presented: 815 SLCC 70.00. 837 Cllr Smith 26.11, 838 Data pro 35.00

Reconciled balance 1170.19

Page 3

Business reserve statement dated 2nd August shows balance of 5680.41 to include transfer of 1000.00 from current a/c.

August payments agreed July meeting and paid 20/8/02

S Cole 212.40, C Kyte 70.00(8.34 outstanding) J Morphew 133.14

Current a/c Statement dated 6th Sept to show balance of 1122.05 to include receipt from B&NES of 212.40 re July Street Cleaning and 50.00 from Hort Soc

Cheques not presented: 815 SLCC 70.00. 838 Data Pro 35.00

Reconciled balance 1017.05

Payments agreed for September

Mr S Cole 169.92

Mr C Kyte 8.34 due from August, plus 67.92 Total 76.26

Mrs J Morphew Salary 116.00, Telephone 5.00, expenses 17.78 Total 138.78

Mr Holland, Internal Audit 30.00

Mazars Neville Russell, External Audit 120.00

Community Action Sub 20.00

i) Mr Holland has given the meeting his recommendation for new printer.

The meeting agreed that Mr Holland should order an Epson and the Parish Council to reimburse him.

ii) ALCA Financial Regulations, to be added to circulation.

iii) PAYE System. Starter pack had been received, P46 now filled in by all 3 employees and returned to Inland Revenue.

Cllr Humphries reminded the meeting of implications, including contract of employment.

iv) Accounts 2001/02. Copy of Annual Return had been circulated to all Cllrs.

The chairman and clerk answered queries from Cllrs, who agreed that the accounts be signed in the present form, at a time to be arranged.

The chairman read a letter received from Cllr Hurdle re risk assessment.


i) Letter re receipt of Register of Interests from Vernon Hitchman.

ii) Letter from B&NES re damage to parapet on bridge at bottom of Mill Hill.

They are aware of the situation and it is planned to carry out a repair during this financial year.

iii) Notice of new timetable for Mobile Library was noted. To be put in Parish Mag.

iv) Norton Radstock Town Council, Wardens and CCTV System information.

To be circulated.

CIRCULATION As per Agenda.


i) Wansdyke Inter-Village Quiz. The chairman proposed the meeting paid the £5.00 to enter a team, and this was agreed.

ii) Avon Wildlife Trust. A letter received re water voles and crayfish, and information requested on land ownership. Cllr Phillips to complete and forward.

Page 4

iii) Traffic & Safety Team, and 3 requests form. Reply by 31st October 2002.

To be discussed at the October meeting.

iv) Allotments in Wellow. Cllr Smith has telephoned B&NES, and she reported that they seem to be doing research at the moment to put the allotment plan in order.

Clerk to fill in and return form re allotment provision, also put piece in Parish Mag to find if there is "a need"

v) Task Force and Litter. Cllr Martin spoke of the amount of litter he had noticed while on a walk from the cemetery, and requested the Parish Council purchase two Litter Pickers at a cost of 16.25 each. The meeting voted for the clerk to order them.

vi) Race Relations(Amendment)Act 2000, and resolution as quoted in NALC Policy update. To be discussed at October meeting.

A guide re Ethnic Monitoring and Duty to Promote Racial Equality. To be circulated.


i) September 23rd 2002, Parish Cluster Meeting. 6.00 to 8.30 pm Camerton Recreation Centre

ii) September 26th 2002, Application by Mr G Hewlett re Definitive Map Modification Order. 10.00am at The Guildhall, Bath.


Village Hall query re area between Hall and Chivers wall.

My Kyte to keep clear.

A Parishioner spoke to the chairman re "Bonfires", which are often lit at inappropriate times. Clerk to put a piece in Parish Mag asking for consideration.


Monday October 21st 2002 at 8 o’clock in the Village Hall.

Agenda Day Weds 16th Oct