Minutes for the meeting of Wellow Parish Council

held on March 18th 2002 at 8 o’clock on the village hall.

Present were Mr R Whittington, Mr C Hurdle, Mr A Martin, Mr M Watson, Mr R Humphries, Mr D Phillips, Mr A Bartholomew, Mr A Elvin and Ms E Smith.

In Attendance, Cllr Dawson, the clerk and 16 Parishioners.

1. APOLOGIES RECEIVED. There were none.

2. The minutes of the last meeting held on February 18th 2002 have been circulated, and the chairman signed them with the meeting’s approval.


i) Village Hall Notice Board. It had been established that no further estimates were required for the repair of notice board, and the estimate of 275.00 by Mr R Holland was ratified. Mr Holland to notify parish council when work would be started.

ii) Signal Box. In reply to letter from the parish council Mr Flanagan, Development Control Officer of B&NES, had sent an E-mail which the chairman read to the meeting. This was agreed to be a non committal response, and a proposal was agreed that councillors should write a letter to the appropriate Ombudsman.

iii) Model Code of Conduct. A copy of the code had been distributed to all councillors, and a copy attached to Agenda of this meeting.

The proposal that Wellow Parish Council adopt the code in it’s entirety and on the recommended date of April 1st 2002 was agreed by all councillors.

Clerk to forward copy of relevant minutes and copy of code to Standards Board.

Forms re Undertaking and Register of Members Interest were distributed, to be returned at next meeting.

In case of query councillors to contact Monitoring officer, Mr V Hitchman.

Tel 01225 395171

Clerk told the meeting that she had indicated first and second preferences for parish councillor to be appointed for Parish Sub-Committee and Standards Committee.

They were 1) Mr A E P Higby of Combe Hay Parish Council

2) Mr D Hamblin of Paulton Parish Council.

iv) Letter had been received from Mr Steve Gees stating that he would arrange to have the verge at top of Mill Hill removed. Also confirmed that Little Hill is maintained at public expense.

v) Letter from Mr Watson re B&NES Local Plan Deposit Draft was read in which he pointed out 2 objections on behalf of the parish council.

vi) Mr Martin read his letter to B&NES, Best Value Programme Manager re Waste Management and Parish Sweeper Scheme. Later in the meeting Cllr Dawson informed the meeting that the Parish Sweeper Scheme had been reinstated for the following year.

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vii) Reply by Public Transport Officer at B&NES to letter from the clerk re request from Wellow for school bus from Peasedown to Wellow. Further comment to follow.

4) Cllr Dawson made her report after planning


i) Application for proposed work to trees at Cobblers Cottage. No objection recorded.

ii) Application 01/02676/LBA by Mr Colston, Greenhayes, Wellow to reinstate pedestrian opening to coach house. Consent given.

iii) Pre-application consultation re Proposed Orange Base Station in Wellow, Cell No AVN 7089 had been circulated and comments from councillors forwarded to Alder King. Further plan to mimic telegraph pole since received and filed.

iv) Application 02/00440/MINW by A G Phillips and Son.

Mobile plant for crushing, screening restoration soils and drainage materials. Willow Farm Landfill.

Mr Phillips declared an interest in this application and left the meeting.

The chairman invited all councillors to declare their views, and then the parishioners in attendance, to make points and request further information.

From this a number of questions were listed which were then put forward to Mr Phillips, who rejoined the meeting, and his site manager.

The result of the vote by councillors that followed was a 5 to 3 decision to support the plan.

v) Application 02/0055/Ful by Mr and Mrs Bray, Willow Farm House, Wellow.

Single Storey Extension and built up parapet, plus alterations. In circulation.

vi) Application 02/00547/Ful by Midsomer Norton Scout Group re new hut at Tuxton Woods. In circulation.


Gitte told the meeting that a planning officer would now attend the Parish Contact Meetings, and if the meetings are to open to the public will be consulted.

Parish Sweeping Scheme had been saved for another year.

Cabinet Government at local level would be introduced in May.


Current account statement dared 6th March 2002 shows balance of 1363.36, including receipt of 204.40 times 2, as per B&NES refund for Jan and Feb Street Cleaning. Also debit of 5.87 inc vat as per storage of deeds, from Nat West Bank.

Deposit account remains at 4672.25

Letter from B&NES re increase of hourly rate under Part Time Agency Cleaning from 5.11 to 5.31 per hour. Adjustments to payments to Mr Cole and Mr Kyte included in March cheques.


Payments Agreed for March

Mr S Cole March Street Cleaning 212.40, plus 14.00 adjustment. Total 226.40

Mr C Kyte Playground checks 21st Jan to 11th March 42.48 plus .40 adjustment

Total 42.88

Mrs Morphew March Salary 116.00, telephone 5.00, expenses 22.44 Total 143.44

Wellow Village Hall, hire to March 31st 2002 74.50

Avery Knight and Bowlers, re equipment in playground repair. 278.30

Estimate from B&NES Park Section for grasscutting was accepted.

Resolution passed that National Westminster Bank to continue an account in the name of Parish Council of Wellow. Mandate signed and New Signatories Sheet signed by all councillors.

Accounts for The Parlour Shop had been circulated. Mr J Woods as accountant was in attendance. The chairman noted that all except one councillor had some interest in the shop. Mr Phillips, as landlord, declared an interest. The financial aspects of payment for the year 2001/02 were discussed. Mr Martin stressed that the shop was a great community service. It was agreed that a)Last year 1200.00 was a grant and therefore not to be repaid, and b) Verbal request had been made. Finance Sub-Committee plus Mr Hurdle to discuss 02/03 situation with Parlour Shop committee, at a date to be arranged.


CPRE Avonside, forms re Village of the year and Best Kept Village competitions, were passed to Mr Elvin for completion.

Letter from a parishioner was read re iron fence at back of church.

This was agreed to be a church matter and clerk to forward letter to Mr R Dewey.

Copy letter Mrs Kerr to Steve Gees re Twinhoe Lane. Mr Elvin to speak with Mr Gees at parish contact meeting

Circulation as per Agenda.

8) ANY OTHER ITEMS. None Notified


17th April, Ubley Village Hall, B&NES Group of ALCA.

25th March 2002, Parish Contact Meeting. Wellow village hall. 6pm to 8.30.

Mr Whittington offered to hold key and arrange hall in clerk’s absence.


Mr Watson requests "Planning Applications " be added to agenda for April.

NEXT MEETING Monday 15th April 2002 at 8 O’clock in the village hall.

Amendments to minutes of Meeting held 18th March 2002, as per meeting of 15th April 2002

ITEM 10) Re white line markings. Mr Martin requested that the following comments he made at the meeting of 18th March be added. That several Parishioners had expressed concern at the number of white lines that had appeared on the roads, without any consultation from B&NES. Mr Martin said he would raise this at the Parish Contact meeting due on 25th March.

ITEM 5) PLANNING Re application by A G Phillips, Willow Farm Landfill Site. Mr Watson expressed concern that the vote did not express the essence of the meeting. The chairman said that his recollection was that the motion was positive, and said that he had copies of 3 letters from Parishioners objecting to the application, which had been sent to B&NES planning. Also that councillors comments had been sent to B&NES planning which expressed reservations and concerns. All councillors agreed that Mr Watson's comments should be minuted, and he stated.. " The tenor of the meeting and my recollections of the meeting was that the vote was No Objection rather than Support" The chairman commented that the words "left the meeting" referring to Mr Phillips were not accurate and the words " withdrew to the public part of the hall" should replace the words.