Minutes of the meeting of Wellow Parish Council

held on 20th May 2002 at 8 o’clock in the village hall.

Present were Councillors R Whittington, D Phillips, M Watson, A Elvin, A Martin, A Bartholomew, and R Humphreys.

In Attendance, Cllr Dawson the clerk, and 5 parishioners.

1. APOLOGIES RECEIVED. Cllrs E Smith and C Hurdle.

2. The minutes of the last meeting held on April 15th 2002 have been circulated, and the chairman signed them, with the meeting’s approval.


i) The Signal Box. The reply to letter concerning lack of action by B&NES and written to the Ombudsman was read, which stated that "The Local Government Act 1974 provides that the Ombudsman cannot investigate complaints made by an authority constituted for public service or local government purposes.........A similar complaint might be considered, however, if received from an affected individual"

It was agreed that all were effected. To forward the problem, the chairman asked Cllr A Elvin to take documentation to nearest neighbour to the Signal box, discuss and report at next meeting. All councillors to receive copy of letter to Ombudsman, and Cllr Humphreys to coordinate between them.

ii) The clerk reported that letter had been sent to Mr Hitchman at B&NES to confirm that all undertakings, Register of Interests and Gifts and Hospitalities were now complete.

iii) Meeting with Orange re mast on Land at Weavers Farm. Councillors agreed that a specific meeting of 2 hours duration, as suggested by Orange, was not possible, although Orange should be allowed to put their points forward. Clerk to propose that Orange be given time before meeting of July. Also to contact planning dept for more detail.

iv) Cllr Martin’s report on parishioner’s access to driveway to be incorporated with item under correspondence re white lines.

v) Letter re reply from ALCA, re status of Parish Council employees to be discussed at meeting of finance sub-committee.

vi) Cllr Smith had investigated fencing surrounding playing field, and had not found any problems.


In her report Cllr Dawson said that Parish Sweeping Scheme is to be reviewed.

Discussion to take place with parishes, and she expressed that the parish must give full details. Planning application re Signal Box had been refused. Planning application by Cllr Phillips had been delayed. She assured the meeting that she would look after her ward, now that cabinet government was now in operation in B&NES.

5. PLANNING Page 2

In a item added late Cllr Watson reported that he had received a new plan for The Batch. He was concerned that the plan showed work to be done in a piecemeal fashion. He had written to the planning office expressing his dissatisfaction, and that the work should be done in one piece.

Application 02/00792/LBA by Mr and Mrs Pike had been circulated. no objections were raised, and all comments to be forwarded to planning office.

Proposed work to trees at Oakend, Station Road and The Cottage, Canteen Lane received. Both no objections.

Application 02/00761/FUL by Mr and Mrs Wiles, Midford. Permitted.


Current Account statement dated 3rd may 2002 shows credit of £4568.81.

Cheques not presented were; SLCC for 70.00. Wellow PCC for 65.00 and

Village Hall for 825.00.

Reconciled balance 3608.81

Deposit Account remains at 4676.28

Payments agreed were; Mr S Cole re May Street Cleaning 169.92

Mr C Kyte re Churchyard and Playground 82.30

Mrs J Morphew, May Salary 116.00, Telephone 5.00

Expenses 21.70 Total 142.70

CPRE Renewal 25.00

Mr Holland re notice board 275.00

B&NES re waste sacks 88.72

Cornhill Ins Renewal 205.62

Samler landscapes re work on trees 264.37

Meeting held 16th April 2002 re Parlour Shop. Cllr Humphreys to provide note of agreement to next meeting.

Correspondence re New Audit Regime to be discussed at meeting of finance sub-committee.

Two enquires re hire of playing field were discussed.(One since cancelled) and it was agreed that no charge be made.

Computer repair. Clerk presented the situation and a cost as per estimate of 160.00 ex vat was agreed.

Letter re request for an advance of 250.00 was read from Golden Jubilee Party Committee, to cover expenses paid to date. Letter to be written setting out the proposal from the parish council and reply to be forwarded to the chairman to

discuss how payment can be made.

Receipts Page 3

Cheque for 339.79 received from Horton Starkie Fund to cover 2000/01


Renewal of Public Entertainment and Theatre Licence for Village Hall received

Letter from Parishioner re white line road markings was read, and Cllr Martin said that the parish was unhappy with the appearance of these lines, but he had been advised that ther would be no more unless the parish was consulted.

The parishioners problem re access presented a problem as the white lines in his area were of no standing. The clerk was asked to put a piece in the Parish Magazine requesting that parking was done "thoughtfully, particularly in areas near The Manor House, School and corner of West End.

The Parish Council was advised in a letter that the road A36 would be closed in the future for road works. Great concern was expressed that extra traffic may come through the village, and cause more damage to the already collapsing Hinton Hill.

A letter to be sent to Peter Brooks of B&NES expressing these concerns.

Circulation as per Agenda.


Cllr Humphreys explained to the meeting that he had read of various funding in magazine. He will explore further and report to next meeting.

Cllr Bartholomew expressed concern re lack of Police Support and rising number of crimes in the village .The meeting recognised the problem but knew that resources were not adequate.

The Parish Council accepted clerk’s query re responsibility for upkeep of Patrick Hartley seat near church. And knowing that a parishioner had offered to paint it asked that the meeting agree to a cost up to 15.00 to pay for paint. This was agreed.

Removal of wood chips following tree work. Cllr offered to do so themselves.


A late confirmation that the B&NES Group of ALCA will hold a meeting in Wellow Village Hall on Weds 12th June at 7.30

10. ANY OTHER BUSINESS None advised

11. DATE OF NEXT MEETING Monday 17th June at 8.o’clock in the village hall

PLEASE NOTE Before the meeting, Mr Steel from the Public Rights of Way Section of B&NES will put forward the proposal for alterations and diversions to public footpath in Wellow. That will be at 7.30.