Minutes of the meeting of Wellow Parish Council

held on 17th June 2002 at 8 o’clock in the village hall.

Present were Councillors A Elvin, E Smith, A Bartholomew, R Whittington, C Hurdle, A Martin, R Humphreys and D Phillips.

In attendance the clerk and 5 Parishioners.

Some councillors stated that they were not pleased with the new format of the agenda as presented by the clerk for the meeting.


Prior to the meeting, Mr Steel of the Public Rights of Way Section of B&NES presented proposed alterations and diversions to footpath BA25/14. The proposals had been rejected by The Ramblers Ass. Mr Steel will forward details of a meeting to be held in September.

2. The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Meeting of Wellow Parish Council held 20th May 2002 have been circulated. Cllr Martin requested that the minutes of the Annual Meeting of Wellow Parish Council be amended to state that there were no other nominations for position of chairman and vice-chairman.

The minutes of the last meeting held on 20th May 2002 have been circulated, and the chairman signed them with the meeting’s approval.


i) The Signal Box. Cllr Elvin reported that he had spoken with neighbour to Signal Box, who was willing to write to the Ombudsman. Other parishioners and councillors had done so on a personal level and received replies.

ii) Cllr Humphreys had received forms re Village Design Statement, and said the grant is up to 5000.00 He requested the support of the Parish Council, and the chairman suggested that a sub committee be formed. Cllrs C Hurdle and A Martin agreed to do so.


As Cllr Dawson was unable to attend there was no report.


App 02/01222/FUL by Orange PCS Ltd. Erection of 10 metre telecoms telegraph pole on land on Weavers Farm, Wellow, has been circulated.

Letter from Orange was read, and the application discussed. Councillors comments, with section re adapt ion of existing mast highlighted, and letter from parishioner, to be forwarded. Application opposed.

App 02/01152/LBA by Mr and Mrs Soloman, Hayes Farm, White Ox Mead, to be considered at July meeting

Notification of decisions Scout Group at Tuckson Wood Permitted

Mr J Wakeman re Signal box Refused

Proposed work to trees at Canteen House, Wellow

6) ACCOUNTS Page 2

Current Account Statement dated 6th June 2002 shows balance of 3231.39

Cheques not presented 822 R Holland 275.00

815 SLCC 70.00

Receipts were Horton Starkie Grave Fund 333.79

B&NES Street Cleaning April212.40

VAT Refund April 1st 2001/2,235.03

Reconciled balance 2886.39

Deposit Account remains at 4676.28

Cheque for 250.00, which was written at Finance sub Committee meeting, re Golden Jubilee celebration, and as agreed at meeting of 20th May 2002, had been returned.

Clerk to write with letter of thanks and congratulations.

Report of Finance Sub Committee held May 30th 2002.

i) Inland Revenue had stated in telephone call that an employee receiving up to 85.00 per week are on Schedule E, and only information to be kept is the payment in accounts book. Form re declaration to relevant authorities to be signed.

Promised leaflet to be requested again.

ii) New Audit Regime. Mr R Holland confirmed that he was willing to act as Internal Auditor, for which the chairman thanked him.

Aspects of payment and final details to be arranged. The clerk requested that appropriate booklet be bought if considered necessary, agreed.

Statement of Responsibility received , Audit Commission, and Appointment of External Auditor.

iii) Data protection Act & Freedom of Information Act. Chairman asked Cllr Martin to complete the forms to register the Parish Council.

Agreement re Parlour Shop. As a result of a meeting between representatives of the Parish Council and the Parlour Shop Cllr Humphreys proposed that the wording to be adopted be " Wellow Parish Council will be pleased to support the Parlour Shop with funding of £1200.00 comprising a non-returnable grant of £600.00 and a loan of £600.00 repayable in the event that the shop makes a trading profit as determined in the financial accounts for the year ending 31st December 2002. The total annual sum of £1200.00 is payable half yearly as previously" Further details were discussed and Cllr Martin stated that in his opinion the treatment by the Parish Council was parsimonious considering the undervalued resource and 4000 hours of voluntary work, carried out at some considerable personal risk. The following vote to accept the agreement was 7 in favour and 1 abstention.

Meeting of Burial Board. Cllr Humphreys explained that a large amount of the Burial Board’s reserves have been spent on extending the road to the adjoining field. Also that the clerk has not been paid, although an agreement to pay 600.00 a year in two parts had now been established. The balance is now low and the board may have to approach both Wellow and Shoscombe Parish Councils before the October payments are due, as the income cannot be forecast.



Payments Agreed Page 3

Parlour Shop 600.00

Mr S Cole re June Street Cleaning 212.40

Mr C Kyte 53.79

Mrs J Morphew June Salary 116.00, telephone 5.00, Internet costs 10.00,

Varnish for seat 13.47, Norton Anti Virus 49.28, Stamps & copies 13.29

Total 207.04

Real UK Computer repair 188.00

The meeting agreed that the clerk enquire re price of new printer. Cllr Humphreys may be able to assist. To be on July agenda.


i) Reply re closure of A36. Reply was read, with implications for Wellow, that" we must advise that there is no legal means to obstruct cars from using a public road: therefore this request cannot be progressed further"

ii) Reply re school traffic and transport in Wellow. The need was observed. Cllr Hurdle will discuss with the school.

iii) Cornhill Ins re Playground inspections. Clerk to investigate as information given applied to Wellow in Nottinghamshire.

iv) Review of Mobile Library routes. Clerk to object to plan not to stop in Square.

To discuss further with B&NES dept.

CIRCULATION. As per Agenda.


i) No discussion necessary on the issue of footpath BA25/14

ii) The clerk reported on telephone call from Steve Gees.

iii) Request by Mrs Brown, Bath Vineyard Church re use of Playing Field on Sept 28th for Bouncy Castle and Cricket match. The clerk to ask for evidence of Insurance.

There would be no charge but a donation would be acceptable.

iv) Cert of Employers Liability now displayed on notice board in Square.

v) Model Code of Conduct. Letter from Mr V Hitchman requesting the originals of Register of Members’ Interests be sent to him, also stating that the arrangements re public notice will be free of charge. The clerk gave all councillors a booklet from Standards Committee of England and a letter re details required.


Radstock Sector Parish Forum at Radstock Police Station ,Weds 19th June 2002 at 7 pm.

The clerk reported on B&NES Group of ALCA liason meeting on Weds June 12th in Wellow Village Hall. She had found it informative on several levels.

Clerk to inform Cllr Watson on comment at meeting re Landscape Character Assessment Line, and ask him to compare with Local Plan.


Cllr Smith stated that she was not at all content with the recent Parking signs added in the village. To follow up her meeting.

Cllr Humphreys suggested that the Parish Council might set up a Task Force with the idea of smartening up the village. Cllr Hurdle said he may have spare paint and brushes to donate.

The clerk had received a phone call as a result of Rospa Playground Inspection. The repair to be attended to as soon as possible.

Cllr Martin was congratulated on his success with claim from B&NES re Closed Churchyard(July meeting)



Monday 15th July 2002 at 8 o’clock in Wellow Village Hall.

(Agenda on Weds 10th)