Minutes of the meeting of Wellow Parish Council

held on Monday 18th November 2002 at 8 o’clock in the village hall.

Present were Cllr Smith, Cllr Bartholomew, Cllr Elvin, Cllr Hurdle, Cllr Watson,

Cllr Humphreys, Cllr Phillips and Cllr Whittington(chair)

In attendance, District Cllr Gitte Dawson, the clerk and 5 Parishioners.


2) The minutes of the last meeting held 21st October 2002 have been circulated, and the chairman signed them, with the meeting’s approval.


i) Parish Sweeper Scheme. The information available was discussed by Cllr Dawson, the Cllrs, and the clerk, with recent information in the form of an E mail from Cllr Dawson taken into account. To be forwarded to December meeting, with the results of B&NES full Executive Meeting on Dec 4th known.

ii) Vandalism at Playground. Cllr Smith reported that she had repaired the Balance Walk. The seat had been pulled out with cement base attached. The Cllrs Task Force will put the repair on their list for the Spring.

iii) Wellow Brook. Cllr Bartholomew reported on result of his letter to B&NES concerning danger at Wellow Brook. Depth gauges have been replaced but need to be adjusted. The position of signs to be questioned. The chairman thanked Cllr Bartholomew for his involvement.

4) In her report Cllr Dawson spoke of road surfacing Twinhoe Lane. She spoke of 3 The Square, and said that as the building was listed the onus was on the owner to keep in good repair. There was no decision as yet re Folly Down Enquiry. Planning application for recycling plant is set for January, and she told the meeting that the Highways Inspector should take a general survey every 6 months.


i) Notification of removal of one crab apple tree at 1 The Batch, Mill Hill was noted.

Decisions received

i) App 02/01642/LBA, Mr and Mrs Chivers, Wellow House, Consent

ii) App 02/02334/FUL by Orange PLC Ltd Permitted

Conditions and diversion of footpath were noted.

The chairman recapped on decision of meeting 21st October as to how planning decision be forwarded to planning officers.


i) Financial report.

Current a/c statement dated 6th November 2002 to show balance of £2495.30.

Cheques not presented 853 R Holland 90.47

855 SLCC 70.00

Reconciled balance £2334.83

Reserve Account Statement to 4th October 2002 shows balance of £5685.24 to include interest of £4.83 to 26th September 2002.

Wellow 2000 account (for information)

Current a/c £145.36, Reserve a/c £1932.87 Total £2078.87

ii) Payments agreed for November

Mr S Cole £223.02

Mr C Kyte £37.17

Mrs J Morphew £134.00

Cllr Smith £5.00

iii) Cheque from Mazars Neville Russell returned and attached in cheque book.

Membership Cam Valley withdrawn


i) Letter re timing of repair on Hinton Hill was read and will be kept on file. Copy of engineer’s report had been requested.

ii) Letter re Resurfacing on Twinhoe(road through) was noted. See Cllr Dawson report.

iii) 3 The Square. Cllr Dawson had reported.

iv) Review of Rural Needs was discussed. Clerk to reply.

v) The chairman summarized documents from Vernon Hitchman, Solicitor to B&NES, re electoral reform. Agreement to support if secure.

Circulation as per Agenda with addition of Oct crime stats.


i) Parish Cluster Meeting of Sept 23rd, re outstanding enforcement issues.

The meeting confirmed to Cllr Dawson that the only outstanding issue was that of the Signal Box, and that the council had not been advised of this.

ii) The chairman read from Charles Arnold Baker book on Local Administration re signing of minutes of annual meetings.

iii) Bus from Odd Down park and Ride to RUH had been reported by Cllr Dawson.

iv) Air Transport questionaire to be completed by Cllr Bartholomew

v) The parish map with boundaries of farming communities now completed and passed to Cllr Watson for use in 7.5 tonne application.

vi) Register of Electors. No Cllrs requested a copy.

Prior to his updates Cllr Humphreys requested the sequence of events on the agenda be revised.

vii) Cllr Humphreys to update on the following items Page 3

a) Wellow Task Force. The Task Force to be closed down for the winter, but in early spring a schedule of works to be arranged and a recruitment drive for helpers outside the council. Funding of material costs to be included in budget proposals for 03/04.

b) Village Plan. Cllr Humphreys explained the background to the plan, and the financial aspect. A sub committee formed in June 2002 was in place.

The proposal that Wellow Parish Council forward the Countryside Agency a Registration of Intent to produce a parish plan was agreed. Form for the purpose to be completed.

c) The cemetery. Cllr Humphreys explained how the cemetery has been transformed. The neighbouring site has now been brought into commission, with a driveway and other improvements. He wish to record a vote of thanks to Mr L Layzells for restoration of seating.

9) MEETINGS notified

30th November Wells Town Hall. SLCC Branch meeting

Clerk has requested information as unable to attend.

12th December , B&NES Group of ALCA, 7.30 at Cricket Club PJ John


Cllr Smith spoke of £200.00 Voucher won for Playground, and on more information wishes to have an amount considered when budget proposals are made.

On behalf of Cllr Martin, Cllr Smith requested the road that approaches the car park be added to next agenda.

Cllr Bartholomew expressed concern of traffic problems in other parish.

Cllr Elvin reported on Village of the Year Competition. Wellow had not done well despite winning Most improved Village of the Year last year.

Cllr Humphreys suggested the Parish Council write to Theatre Royal to thank them for recent production of "The Rivals"

The repeated problem of parking on pavements was raised, to be added to next agenda.


Monday 16th December 2002 at 8 0’clock in the village hall.

(Agenda day Weds 11th December)