St. Julian's Church, Wellow

The Vestry Wall Hanging

Dedicated on Easter Morning 4th April 2010


In this wall hanging each disciple is both a unique person and part of a community. The desciples and whoever is looking at the wallhanging are bound together by rays from the cross - the Holy Spirit descending. Behind the heads of the disciples are the hills around Wellow decked in the colours of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter (there are 2 winters). The semi-oval 'rainbow' on which the disciples sit gives a sense of peace, solemnity and blessing. Paul and the 4 evangelists have a book in their hands, others have scrolls.

The wall hanging proclaims, among other things, that the community of Christian faith is a safe place to dwell and is also a centre from which a call goes out to liberate the world into loving and being loved. It is our prayer that the disciples will take part in vestry gatherings.

The wall hanging is adapted from 'The descent of the Holy Spirit,' a Russian icon painted towards the end of the 15th century on which Henri Nouwen meditates in his book 'Behold the Beauty of the Lord - Praying with Icons.

The wall hanging was made over a period of 18 months by a dedicated group of sewers meeting more or less fortnightly in this Vestry or in each others' homes. We certainly enjoyed the fun and process of becoming a little community, in some cases meeting for the first time and in others getting to know each other better, encouraging each other with loving humour and being loved.

To give them consistency of character each disciple and hill was sewn by an individual person. The colours of the disciples' robes were chosen to follow the meditative observations of Henri Nouwen, 'each disciple has their own way of living and speaking the good news that has entered deeply into their hearts'. The unity of the desciples, he felt, is graphically reinforced by the use of inverse perspective which makes the figures grow larger as our eyes move toward the infinite hugeness of God. The cross, in contrast, is small to fit in with the picture - in the same way that Jesus became man to save us.
The Wall Hanging
The Makers

Snippets from notebook

11 June 08

Ephesians 2 10 Hope and prayer for the project - that makers will come forward ' for we are what he has made us, created in Christ for good works,which God has prepared beforehand to be our way of life.'

8th Sept 08

Encouragement for Janet and me Exodus 31. 1-11 much shortened '……….the Lord is giving skills to the people for the things he wants to be done'

1st June 09

Thanks to Lesley Layzell for putting up the rail in the vestry ….hottest day of the year too so far

Wellow wallhanging

The wallhanging came alive as we quilted in rays
and sewed on random flecks of light which spread
out from the cross as if glad to represent God's joy.

Scraps and fragments acted as keyholes
into our Lord's new thought pattern.
Tiny bits of his wholeness and kindness
sewn in down here on earth.

Ursula Brooke, 04.04.2010