Annual General Meeting of the Bellringers

St. Julian’s Church Wellow

Friday 18th January 2002

Present: Brian Sutton, Richard Holland, Clover Holland, Gordon Hewlett, Geoff Pike, Colin Tremellen, Jill Tremellen, Joss Binns, Pam Pike, Lynne Doman, Jenny Barr, Sue Nandi, Nick

The AGM opened with some prayers especially written for Bellringers.

Apologies received from Bert.

Minutes of the last AGM were agreed.

Matters arising An Emergency up light has now been installed. A double power point had not yet been installed. Photograph to be taken of the Tower Keepers at work and sent to the Ringing Times with a description of the work undertaken by them. We were now all members of the Bath and Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers.

Tower Master’s Report Brian reported that the original purpose of the Band was to ring for the Millennium, in 1999 we had started with three ringers, the band had now risen to 16 with the majority coming from Wellow. New ringers this year were Pam Pike, Lynne Doman, Jenny Barr, and we hoped that Nick would join us. The success of the Tower was largely as a result of the happy atmosphere and encouragement. However we must now look to improving our ringing, the Association suggested that we should approach Robert Perry of Marksbury who might be able to help us, and Nick with all his experience. Brian suggested that we might go to Marksbury and ring on their much lighter bells. The year had not been without incident when half the clapper fell out of the tenor bell which could have been disastrous. Many thanks to the Tower Keepers who had arranged for it to go to London to be repaired, and for then reinstalling it once it was mended.

The highlights of the year had been the Association training day at Huish Episkopi and South Petherton with its 12 bells, the meeting at Twerton and the skittles evening at Wellow.

Many thanks to Gordon for arranging the outing, particularly for all the information he had gathered beforehand on the churches it had been a very happy day.

Brian then told us that he was going to resign as joint Tower Master and hand the entire responsibility to Richard. He then distributed the Certificates of the Association to all the Band who had joined.

Tower Keepers Report Gordon gave a brief report on all that had been achieved – a written report will be available for the PCC AGM. The Tower had been swept and wire brushed and more of the ironwork painted. Despite cleaning the window ledges of piles of twigs the jackdaws built new nests within a week or so. A Tawny Owl laid a single egg but it was abandoned early. Altogether there were about 14 young jackdaws on view with an unknown amount behind the plywood on the south window. In June the tenor clapper fractured damaging the clock brackets. The Towerkeepers removed the broken parts and the clapper was sent to the Whitechapel Foundry. The total cost was £300. There remains a bent hammer shaft on bell 3 – this will be replaced in time. Nov - February the bell chamber is inhospitable and when the better weather arrives the layer of debris covering what was a clean floor this time last year will be removed. The outstanding work is the drilling out of the old iron staples in the three bells. Although they have been in this condition since their manufacture and though it is not urgent it should be done – Professional work.

The Flagstaff needs to be repaired, the PCC to be informed.

Election of Tower Master Richard Holland was elected as Tower Master

Election of Tower Keepers: Gordon Hewlett and Geoffrey Pike were elected as Tower Keepers.

Election of Treasurer Clover Holland was elected as Treasurer.

Election of Secretary Jill Tremellen was elected as Secretary

Richard then thanked Brian for all the work he had done with us and proposed that he should be elected as Ringing Master for the Tower, Brian accepted.

Sunday Services To continue to ring for the 11.15 services and miss the third Sunday 9.30.

Practice Night To continue as Friday but to try and substitute another night if there were too few ringers. Learners to come at 7.00 in order to have half an hour dedicated ringing time. Brian offered to teach.


  1. A rope is needed as a guide up the Tower to act as a baluster hanging centrally – Richard to look into this.
  2. Bellringing books required for learners.
  3. Visiting ringers to pay £1.00 per rope. Seek advice from the Association as to how much to charge for peals.
  4. Members of the band to contribute £1.00 per practice night to go towards acquiring new bell ropes. Association fees to come out of this sum.
  5. Brian then invited us all to a cricket match at Priston in the summer which would end with some ringing and a visit to the Old Coach House, ending up in the Ring of Bells.